Chevy Chase

PAL Developments/Hi-Tec Software

Music By: Julian Potts, Coding By:
Anthony Wilson & Nigel Speight

Original Concept: Nigel Speight
Release Year: 1991, Number Of Players: 1

Chevy ChaseChevy Chase

Cricket Captain

Hi-Tec Software/Pal Developments

Coding By: Bald Rick
Graphics By: Sammy Haemoglobin
Release Year: 1990
Number Of Players: 1

Cricket CaptainCricket Captain

Wacky Races

Hi-Tec Software

Programmed By: Nick Taylor
Graphics By: Jason Brashill
Music By: Dave Spicer
Release Year: 1992, Number Of Players: 1

Wacky RacesWacky Races

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