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Power Play
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters & The Disc Company, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Various

Rick Dangerous
This game isn't a sportgame and that's why no more information about this game is here.
Stunt Car Racer
Step into the driving seat of one of the most wicked stunt cars around as a Stunt Car Racer. It's now up to you to prove just how good you are and to see whether or not you can ultimately become Division One Champion.
Microprose Soccer
With a choice of sixteen teams, variable weather conditions, a wide range of kicking and tackling skills (including, we're pleased to see, a banana kick), oneplayer, two-player or multi-player options and a stirring soundtrack from recent signing Martin Galway, this looks like it might well become the footie game. And just in time for the new season too.