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| 5th Gear | Days Of Thunder | Mountain Bike Racer | Rally Simulator |
Racing Games Pack
Copyright/Publisher: Prism Leisure Corporation, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Various, Number Of Players: 1
5th Gear
You participate in an illegal car race in which you are allowed to use every possible method to win. Drive straight forward until you see the sign "TURN HERE", then turn and rush back.

Days Of Thunder
Take the wheel in your very own 200mph+ stock car! As you shift into high gear you'll watch every other driver slip into your rear view mirror... or will you?

Mountain Bike Racer
The Mountain Bike is the ultimate all-terrain cycle and this game has you on the most hazardous course you can imagine. Hang on as you race against the clock and buy the tools to help you on your way!

Rally Simulator