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Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Programmed By: David A. Collier, Music By:
Martin Galway & David Dunn, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
What you got for the Daley endorsement in this age old game was a pretty competent version of the old Track and Field coin-op in the days when you could get away with that kind of cloning. Six arm-breaking, wrist-busting, joystick-waggling events including sprinting, high jump and long jump should remind you what sports sims used to be like quick enough. Still fun for armchair fitness freaks.

Hints & Tips
Instead of waggling your joystick feverishly left and right until it breaks, you can hammer away in frustration on the keys CRTL and 2 until they break.

On the high jump, set the bar as high as possible and you can jump 'under' it to qualify.