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Released as Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior in Europe
Copyright/Publisher: Maxx Out!/Epyx/Palace Software, Programming by: Stanley Schembri,
Designed by: Steve Brown, Sound by: Richard Joseph, Assistant Artist: Gary Carr,
Release Year: 1988 Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Hints & Tips
Try and knock your opponent into a corner and kick him in the nether regions a few times - then he'll soon bite the dust.

When you reach Drax he'll throw a few thunderbolts at you. Jump over the first one then roll into him. The Princess sits at your feet and it's all over.

Another tip is to get a friend to press symbol shift or extended mode while you're fighting as this slows the whole thing down giving you a reasonable chance to knock hell out of your opponent.

Cheat mode: Hold down F,G,V,B and Space. Invincibility: Press C at the opening screen. The screen will turn red to confirm correct code entry.

First the Black Plague, now this.
Drax, the evil sorcerer, is holding Princess Mariana captive in his dark and dismal dungeon. And he'll only release her to the warrior who can defeat his barbarian guards in deadly sword combat.

Somebody gets the girl.
While Drax looks on you'll fight one-on-one against a string of his ruthless slaves - clashing swords in the forgotten dungeon, Drax's throne room, the molten lava bed and in the dark, enchanted forest.

As Gorth the hero-warrior, you'll need to sharpen your sword skills - using powerful combination moves to cut down your opponents. If you fail, the court gremlin will throw you on the heap with the rest of the warriors. And then what will become of lovely Princess Mariana...?

- Clash with brawny barbarians in head-to-head sword combat. Only the best will take on Drax himself.

- Defeat your foes in the throne room, dungeon, lava bed or dark forest.

- Collect "trophies" using the hair-raising "web of death" chop.

- Cinematic graphics, metal-on-metal sound effects.

- Two-player practice option. Joystick controls.