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- Grand Prix Racing Simulation -
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Programmed by: Imagitec Design, Software Design: Rick Koenig,
Coding & Sound Effects: David Chiles, Music: Barry Leitch, Graphics: M.Hanrahan & A.Ludley,
Producer: Jocelyn Ellis, Assistant Producer: John Roberts, Package Photography: Paul-Henri Cahier,
Artist Photography: Henrik Kam, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1
As complex as a modern warplane, it accelerates from 0 to 175 mph in 10 seconds and corners at up to 3 g's. You'll race this beast on tracks all over the world against the hottest drivers on the Grand Prix circuit. Explode from the starting grid and rocket through the straightways.

Careen through turns where one false move can send you hurtling over the side or smashing into an opponent. When the road clears, it's a "drag to the flag" as you streak toward the finish line. Pick Your Race. Race alone or complete in an entire season on 16 actual Grand Prix courses, each accurate to the meter. Hug The Road. Simulate the drag and downforce on your car in the Wind Tunnel. Check your aerodynamics with the Airspeed Controller and the Performance Graph. Harness Your Horespower.

In the Dyno Room, try different fuel mixtures. Test the Cooling System, Electrical System, Engine ROM, and Turbocharges. Put Together A Winner. In the garage, you can switch engines, change the suspension, even adjust gear ratios. Check the results on the renowned Ferrari test track at Fiorano. Win The Grand Prix. Simulated intelligence of actual Grand Prix racing opponents will separate the dreamers from the drivers. Hit The Pits. You're up against the clock as you call the shots on engine systems, tire changes, shocks, and wing settings.

Grand Prix/Formula One racing is one of the most exciting sports in the world. To be a Grand Prix driver, you must not only have a mind like a computer and reflexes like a mongoose, but you must also be an expert on racing technology and an excellent business manager.

Ferrari Formula One brings all of the depth and excitement of the Grand Prix race circuit to your computer. You'll have plenty of races to run, but you'll also have a pit crew to manage, a Ferrari Formula One 1986 (F186) race car to modify and test, deadlines to meet, and schedules to keep.

But all of this is only for those who want to run the full simulation. If you just want to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari (the most successful Grand Prix racing team in the world), then you can do that as well.

With your car tuned to the best balance of speed and endurance, this is where you'll engage in competition for the race trophy. A Grand Prix race normally lasts two-hours or about 315 kilometres, whichever comes first, but you can use the race control (described later) to select races as short as 2-5 laps (about 18 kilometres).

If the race doesn't run the full distance within tow hours (or the time limit for a shorter race), then the lead car is the winner. Unlike the practice, qualifying, and warm-up sessions, you can't refuel during the actual race.

There are a lot of rules in Formula One World Driving Championship racing. The majority of Formula One rules apply to car design and specifications. You won't need to worry about these rules too much because Ferrari Formula One won't let you modify your car beyond the parameters laid down by Formula One rules.

In other words, Ferrari Formula One lets you make adjustments to your F186 (like changing the attack of the wings), but you won't be able to alter the car's structure (like making the wings larger), because this is against Formula One rules.

A Grand Prix race season consists of a series of races, each at a different track. Each race consists of:

Practice One (P1)
In the morning, two days before the race. This is where you get acquainted with the track and your opponents.

Qualifying One (Q1)
In the afternoon, after P1. This is the first real competition of the race. In qualifying you're competing with the other drivers for the best grid position for the start of the race. Your starting position is based upon your best lap time during qualifying. You'll want to adjust your car radically and push it to its limits.

Practice Two (P2)
In the morning of the day before the race. Continue to familiarise yourself with the track and prepare to improve your time for the second qualifying session.

Qualifying Two (Q2)
In the afternoon, after P2. Once again, adjust and push your car to its limits to try and make the best qualifying time.

On the morning of the race. This is a 30 minute session in which you'll make a final inspection of the track, and your opponents' strengths and weaknesses. Take it easy on your car during the warm-up race - don't take the risk of destroying your engine before the race even starts because you probably won't have time to replace the engine before the race begins.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 95%
A superlatively presented, ultra-realistic simulation of Formula One racing.

Pic. From EA Brochure
Ferrari Formula One, the simulation, operates just like the Grand Prix race circuit in the real world. The moment you boot the program the clock starts ticking. You must get yourself and your car into shape in time to transport yourself, your equipment, and your crew to the first race of the season. Car repair and travel time is accelerated,

Fiorano (pronounced FEE-OH-RON-OH) is your home base and test track. Fiorano has all the facilities you'll need to coax the best performance out of your Ferrari and to hone your own driving skills. And your crew chief is always available to help you make the set-up decisions that can determine race outcome.
The Garage
The Garage
The Garage - Dyno Room
Wind Tunnel
The Pit
Test Track
The Transport
Race Track 1
Race Track 2
Race Track 3
Demo Mode
Demo Mode