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Garfield Winter's Tail
Copyright/Publisher: The Edge, Programmed By: Dave Kirby, Graphics By: Andy Howlet,
Sound By: Dave Lowe, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1
(or: "A Midsupper Night's dream"!)
It's been a hard day for Garfield; he spent the entire day, well since waking anyway (which come to think of it wasn't that long ago...) in the kitchen. The ice-box is now almost bare after some pretty hard work on his part helping Jon to reduce his house's food stocks... Garfield has fallen asleep in his box in front of the still open ice-box door and as the cool blasts from the ice-box waft over him he starts to dream... He dreams of the Alps... and that reminds him of Northern Italy... which reminds him of lasagna! (hum... sounds like lunch). As his dream unfolds he is also reminded that Switzerland is just on the other side of the Alps... which reminds him of chocolate (hum... sounds like desert!).

But once in the chocolate factory of his dreams he learns of the mythical "Chicken that Lays the Chocolate Eggs"! And the chase is on for Garfield to find this magical beast and catch it! The chase is on through the factory, across the frozen lake outside, and away in to the nearby Swiss vilage...