Garfield Winter's Tail
Copyright/Publisher: The Edge, Programmed By: Dave Kirby, Graphics By: Andy Howlet,
Sound By: Dave Lowe, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1


This game is designed to be used with joystick or keyboard. Keyboard controls vary slightly from section to section. In all three sections 'O' is to move left, and 'P' is to move right.

Key 'M' is the same as the joystick firebutton, and allows Garfield to jump in the skiing and skating sections. But in the chocolate factory Garfield jumps by pressing 'Q' ('up') and you can turn the flow meters on to the next setting by jumping and pressing 'M', 'S' is to pick up objects in the factory, or to move down in the Skating. Key 'Q' moves Garfield up the screen in the skating.

(or: "A Midsupper Night's dream"!)

It's been a hard day for Garfield; he spent the entire day, well since waking anyway (which come to think of it wasn't that long ago...) in the kitchen. The ice-box is now almost bare after some pretty hard work on his part helping Jon to reduce his house's food stocks... Garfield has fallen asleep in his box in front of the still open ice-box door and as the cool blasts from the ice-box waft over him he starts to dream... He dreams of the Alps... and that reminds him of Northern Italy... which reminds him of lasagna! (hum... sounds like lunch). As his dream unfolds he is also reminded that Switzerland is just on the other side of the Alps... which reminds him of chocolate (hum... sounds like desert!).

But once in the chocolate factory of his dreams he learns of the mythical "Chicken that Lays the Chocolate Eggs"! And the chase is on for Garfield to find this magical beast and catch it! The chase is on through the factory, across the frozen lake outside, and away in to the nearby Swiss vilage...


The game begins in the kitchen. Garfield is sleeping in his box, and is dreaming. You can see what he is dreaming in the dream/thought bubble above him. When you first load the game this is showing the initial skiing section in the Alps. To play this part of the game simply press the fire button.

If you want to play either the Chocolate Factory or Skating parts then move the joystick left or right to select the correct image, and then press 'fire'.

WARNING WARNING: With the tape version it is vital that you follow these guidelines: if you select either of the other options other than skiing, or if you get to one or the other sections by playing through the skiing or the chocolate factory then you must be careful to STOP your cassette player when the level is loaded. DO NOT leave the PLAY button down.

IF you successfully complete that level then you should press PLAY and the next level will load in automatically. BUT if you fail then it is vital that you REWIND the tape to the very beginning again before pressing PLAY to re-load the kitchen sequence once more and to start over again. If you fail to do this then you might have to power-off and re-load your game. You can go straight to any of the three main levels of skiing, chocolate factory and skating.

But if you want to solve this game completely and reach the grand finale in the Swiss Village, then you must play all three main levels in the correct order as listed above. If you jump straight to the Skating and then complete it then you will be treated to a special fore-taste of the final level. And to see the Lasagna Factory you'll have to complete the Skiing correctly!


Guide Garfield down hill past all the obstacles to reach the final ski ramp! Garfield can keep his energy up by eating the food that the spectators are holding. You can see how much energy Garfield has at any time in the game by looking at his 'face' on one side of the screen. When he's too hungry he'll wake up and the game is over! But he must be careful!

If Odie gets there before him he will eat the food first. Garfield can jump (press 'fire'), ski left and right, and to eat you press 'fire + left' to eat to the left and 'fire + right' to eat to the right. To jump properly on a ramp (section missing) then jump when you get to the end of the ramp. Negotiate that final ramp all right and Garfield will find himself in the world's largest lasagna factory!


Once in here Garfield will sit down ready to eat - just move your joystick left to right rapidly to get him to eat as much as possible before... well you'll see what happens!


You can get here directly or from the Skiing level. In this factory Garfield has to find the chicken that lays the chocolate eggs - the one that is that isn't being fed chocolate already from the piping! But to do this you'll first have to get the liquid chocolate running to each of the other chickens that do eat it. To do this you'll have to get Garfield to switch the indicators at the junctions of the piping.

Get him to jump and press the 'fire' button at the same time whilst he is over the switches (little red buttons). You should hear a 'ting' sound and see the arrow move that indicates the direction of flow of chocolate out of that intersection. Find the control room in the factory and you will also find that there are a number of chickens heads on the wall.

Get all of these lit up by feeding the chickens and you'll be able to finally get to where the mythical chicken is. Watch out though, you only have a limited time to complete this level, you must keep Garfield's strength up by eating, and Odie will try to steal the food! Kicking Odie is possible! (Press 'fire').


Whether you get here directly or by the factory doesn't affect the way the game plays - just whether you get a chance to see the entire Swiss village! Garfield must be guided around the lake by skating past all the objects. He can jumpover some things (press 'fire') but falls over losing energy when he hits others. Garfield must find the other side of the lake!