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Released as Ten Speed in USA
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic, Programmed By: Icon Design, Music By:
David Whittaker, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1
ZZAP64! Overall Rating: 34%
Fails to convey any of the excitement and tension of the actual event.
Cycling 1000 miles is no mean feat, so don't start off to quickly. If you over to do it you could end up suffering from exhaustion and be forced to retire from the race.

Use your gears to attain the most efficient use of your energy reserves depending on your speed. Pedal rate and the gradient of the road.

Picking up milk from the side of the road will provide you with essential extra energy.

Potholes in the road, cars and other riders will hinder your progress, so watch out for them.

At random points during the race a time trial may be sprung on you. If you fail to complete that section of the in the race in the time you have been alloted you will be eliminated.