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Minnesota Fat's Pool Challenger
Released as Hustler in Europe by Bubble Bus
Copyright/Publisher: HesWare (Human Engineered Software)/Bubble Bus Software, Created By: N.Strange,
Music By: Damien Cavanagh, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
No room for a pool table? Take a cue from Minnesota Fats---now you can have all the excitement of playing pool in your own home. Pool Challenge will sharpen your aiming accuracy and your shooting finesse.

Choose from six games including: 1. one player, any ball, any pocket 2. on player, balls in order 3. one player, ball in its numbered pocket 4. two player, score the pockets 5. two player, mini pool 6. two player, lowest and highest numbered ball.