Dynamite Skier

Copyright/Publisher: HesWare
(Human Engineered Software)

Release Year: 1983
Number Of Players: 2

Dynamite SkierDynamite Skier

HES Games
Released as Gold Medal Games & Go For The Gold by Americana/US Gold

Copyright/Publisher: Hesware,
Created By: 3-2-1 Software, Bellevue, WA, Program Design & Implementation By: Michael Crick & Dennis Kirsch, Graphic Design & Animation By: Steve Chin & Mark Madland, Sound & Music By: Bob Landwear/Parabola, Original Composition By: Ray Rideout
Release Year: 1984, Number Of Players: 1
HES GamesHES Games

Minnesota Fat's Pool Challenger
Released as Hustler by Bubble Bus in Europe

Copyright/Publisher: H.E.S.
Licensed From By: Bubble Bus
Created By: N.Strange
Release Year: 1983
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Minnesota Fat's Pool ChallengerMinnesota Fat's Pool Challenger

Retro Ball

Copyright/Publisher: H.E.S.
Created By: Alick Dziabczenko
Release Year: 1982
Number Of Players: 2

Retro BallRetro Ball

Sumo Wrestlers

Copyright/Publisher: H.E.S.
Created By: Gary Ellis
Release Year: 1985
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Sumo WrestlersSumo Wrestlers

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