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Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Created By: Dennis Kirsch & Mark Madland,
Music By: Rob Hubbard, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
ZZAP! Rating; Overall 50%
A well-presented but technically limited ice hockey sim.
Get into your helmets and shinpads, peeps, 'cos a match that's gonna give a whole new meaning to the cold war is about to begin. Yup, the US of A and the USSR are about to take on one another on in the ice hockey challenge of the year. Da-daaa...

Hold it! Don't start trying to bully off right away. Pick the number of players, team size (one-on-one or five-on-five) and the length of match first. Ready?

Right then - you're on a horizontally scrolling rink, you can try wrist shots, slap shots, faceoff, drop passing, body and poke (oo-er) checking. There are penalties for roughing and crosschecking, icing and offsides.

In the five-a-side game, you have the chance to switch between three different teams of players (with different strengths and weaknesses) at any time. You always control either the goalkeeper or one other player.

Got that? Right then, get mean, get lean, get out there and GET GOING.