Powerplay Hockey
Copyright/Publisher: Electronic Arts, Created By: Dennis Kirsch & Mark Madland,
Music By: Rob Hubbard, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Get into your helmets and shinpads, peeps, 'cos a match that's gonna give a whole new meaning to the cold war is about to begin. Yup, the US of A and the USSR are about to take on one another on in the ice hockey challenge of the year. Da-daaa...

Hold it! Don't start trying to bully off right away. Pick the number of players, team size (one-on-one or five-on-five) and the length of match first. Ready?

Right then - you're on a horizontally scrolling rink, you can try wrist shots, slap shots, faceoff, drop passing, body and poke (oo-er) checking. There are penalties for roughing and crosschecking, icing and offsides.

In the five-a-side game, you have the chance to switch between three different teams of players (with different strengths and weaknesses) at any time. You always control either the goalkeeper or one other player.

Got that? Right then, get mean, get lean, get out there and GET GOING.

Olympic - High speed, tough play.
Minor - Skaters slower, easier to score.
Junior - Easiest play.

1 ON 1 - Its just you and the other center. If you get control of the puck, then you'll go one on one with the goalie. (Note: you can't control your own goalie. He's on his own.)

5 ON 5 - Full team. You control the center (he's in the darker jersey).

Single- For 1 player vs. computer.
Double- For 2 player game.

USA - Joyport #1.
USSR - Joyport #2.

There are three periods per game.
You choose the length of each period:
2 Minutes
8 Minutes
20 Minutes

Continue- Takes you to the game.
Repeat - Takes you back to options.


Pass/Wrist Shot
While skating, press Fire button and move joystick in the direction you want to pass or shoot.

Slap Shot
Skate toward the goal. Center the joystick and then press Fire to slap the puck.

When the referee drops the puck, jam your joystick back and forth as fast as you can to gain control of the puck.

Drop Pass
Lets you pass to a teammate who is behind you. Hold Fire and quickly push the joystick in the opposite direction you're moving.

Receive Pass
To receive a pass from a player on your team, press Fire.

Cancel Pass
To cancel a pass, center joystick and release Fire.


Body Check
Hold Fire down to thrash an opponent. If you do enough body checking, you might start a fight, and get yourself a view of the game from the penalty box.

Poke Check
Use this to steal the puck or trip up your opponent. Click Fire quickly and in rapid succes- sion to poke.

Slide Block
Great for sliding in in front of a guy to try to steal the puck. Position yourself in front of your opponent, center the joystick, and press Fire.


Roughing and Crosschecking:
Minutes Per Period
Penalty 2 8 20
CROSSCHECKING 1:00 1:00 2:00
ROUGHING 1:00 2:00 4:00

occurs when you shoot the puck from one side of the rink to the other without anybody touching it. You'll face off in the offending team's circle.

occurs when your team has the puck and you cross into the attacking zone before the puck does. You'll face off in the center circle.

You have three lines of players that you can use at any time. All that skating and stick swinging fatigues your players, so you'll want to switch lines to give the players a rest. A dot sits above the line that's currently playing. As your players tire, the line shrinks. When it's about half way down, you should consider switching lines. (Players only fatigue in 5 on 5 games.)

Line 1 consists of a well-rounded bunch who are pretty good at every- thing. Line 2 are pros at offensive scoring, but are a little sloppy on defense. Line 3 is strong on defense. If you're up on points, you might want to bring them in to protect your lead.

To toggle between the the USSR lines (on the top left of your screen) press C= (the Commodore key). To toggle the three USA lines (top right) press the Cursor UP/DOWN key.

H - Toggles Pause. If pause for too long, the game goes back to the beginning.
F5 - Aborts game or demo.
C= - Switches USSR line.
CURSOR UP/DOWN - Switches USA line.
SPACE - Takes you out of the intro and into the game.