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Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Programmed by: Chris Butler, Graphics By:
Chris Butler & Robin Levy, Music By: Sean Connolly & Marc Francois,
Story By: Phil Thornton, Produced By: Mark Cale
Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports - Racing, Number Of Players: 1
Zzap64! Overall Rating: 96%
A stunning arcade experience, blindingly fast abd exceptionally violent.

The game revolves around destroying as many vehicles as possible to score points, at the same time avoiding your enemyís gunfire, who are just as intent on destroying you.

Use the "square shaped" GUNSIGHT above your car to line up and blast the opposition off the road. The small sight represent the unlimited HAND-GUN fire, whilst the larger sight (activated when fire button is HELD down) represents the more lethal MISSILE FIRE.

Please note that there are only 5 MISSILES per level to be used, as shown in the status area. The TURBO CHARGE can be activated by pressing the SPACE BAR and lasts approximately 4 seconds.

This can be very heavy on fuel, so keep your FUEL GAUGE continually topped up by running over the blue coloured PETROL CANS throughout the game. Donít be too hasty though, as other road objects may prove to be less rewarding if you run over them.

Finally your DAMAGE METER will represent the amount of enemy fire you have absorbed, so keep your eyes on this and the relevant bullet holes which appear on your windscreen. It could prove fatal. Watch the roads and take the correct forks, one wrong turn could be lethal!!