Turbo Charge
Copyright/Publisher: System 3, Programmed by: Chris Butler, Graphics By: Chris Butler & Robin Levy,
Music By: Sean Connolly & Marc Francois, Story By: Phil Thornton, Produced By:
Mark Cale Release Year: 1991, Genre: Weird Sports - Racing, Number Of Players: 1


The day started and he felt just the same as all the rest he had dragged himself through working at the City of London V.A.T. office. Dull and drab, he seemed to be getting sucked deeper and deeper into his new found role tied to a desk, drinking coffee and prodding away carelessly at his overused typewriter. Gone were the exciting times as a Customs Officer. A victim of his own success, his promotion through the ranks had been swift and decisive. How he longed for the good old days. The days when being a young rookie surviving on his senses gave him a buzz as well as an unprecedented reputation amongst the arms dealers he thwarted, in the most hostile of conditions many years before.

He was coming into work on the London Tube just like any other day. Still not used to the formal dress of a collar and tie, he fumbled at the knot with some annoyance, trying to straighten it out and at least look the part of his new found promotion. This doesnít last long as he notices a suspicious looking person sitting opposite him clutching a briefcase close to his chest. His old talents have not deserted him as he races all the statistics through his head for old times sake. He looks at the strange manís height, weight, appearance, eyes, briefcase, sweaty palms and very nervous expression. Before long it becomes apparent that this dubious looking fellow passenger really doesnít fit his desired projected image as the Customs Officer churns thought after thought around in his mind. These thoughts soon turn to suspicions.

"I know that man", he thinks aloud; "Iíve seen him somewhere before." But where? What country was it? Who was he working for?

As the train pulls into the station, the strange person senses that there are more to the Customs Officers stares than just general eye contact made during every day public travel. He makes a bolt for the doors. Almost simultaneously, the Officer makes a desperate attempt to grab the man, but only succeeds in grabbing the briefcase with both hands. The tussle that followed bore little resemblance to what he was used to in the early days, and he seemed somewhat disappointed when the strange man, failing desperately in his attempt to keep his possession, finally let go of the case and fled down the busy platform. He was psyched up, heart pounding in annoyance that he couldnít get the man as well as his wares. However, his stomach felt good, inside he knew he hadnít lost it and was quietly proud of the way he had foiled some kind of impending transaction by acting on a gut impulse like he used to.

Hurriedly taking the case to his office for closer inspection, he couldnít stop thinking about that man and where he had seen him before and what tíhe hell he was doing in this country.

He finally manages to force the case open to reveal his prize. Finding a set of unmarked floppy disks, he loads them into his trusty PC and goes about the task of unravelling their contents to extract the information housed on them. Something had scared the living daylights out of the caseís carrier, and it wasnít long before he began to work out why. He spent hour after hour at his desk, scribbling notes and stopping occasionally to gasp in awe at the information that was being fed to him. This was amazing, and a phenomenal piece of luck that he himself had stumbled upon these floppy discs.

On and on the discs spilled out their sinister contents, the Customs Officer couldnít believe what he was seeing. This was all the details of "Operation Underdog". An operation that had long been rumoured to be in existence, and that was all the government knew. Until now that is.

"Operation Underdog" is headed by a bloodthirsty terrorist known only by his codename "Dominator". Dominator has located all the Western stockpiles of military arms in Third World countries friendly to the United Nations. These stockpiles consist of the latest advanced weapons and ammunition, and have been hidden in these countries for use by Western forces in the event of war breaking out with neighbouring hostile countries.

The floppy discs also gave the names and locations of all the Dominatorís "agents" within these Third World countries. Those agents who were waiting for the order to become active. Their orders were clear enough. They must take over the various arms stock piles with their terrorist armies and bring the advanced weaponry to the Dominatorís headquarters in the respective host nations.

The Customs Officer wouldnít speak. He knew now that the orders had been given and the agents were about to take on their vile missions. The simple truth was frighteningly clear. If the Dominator succeeds, war would be imminent.

He rocks back on his chair, eyes glazed with horror as a strange numbness takes over his body. For a moment he canít even draw on the ever present cigarette that has stained his fingers. He looks to the ceiling with a vacant expression, through the swirling smoke patterns that hang above him just as ominously as the information he has just uncovered.

He now knew the man he grabbed the case from, a "middle man" who worked for arms dealers in Thailand, who had pleaded "Not Guilty" to a number of allegations put before him when the two had met in rather more unsavoury conditions.

Almost immediately his office, the newly varnished desk, the filing cabinets, all seemed a million miles away from where his gut told him he had to be. His various promotions and steps up the corporate ladder were all a direct result of his excellence at infiltrating arms deals and drug rings. Nobody had risen so high, so quickly within the government circles, and so, it would seem, nobody can be as qualified to stop the once only rumoured "Operation Underdog".

Reaching for his battered raincoat and umbrella, symbols of his boring new lifestyle, the Customs Officer was making tracks to see his superiors. A new found eagerness accompanied each step as he approached the door of the doddery old Government gents who ran the department. He smiled, he knew they would have no choice but to put him in control of "Operation Underdog". This was where he should be and where he wanted to be.

Immediate plans were made for him and his mission. His sports car received the newest kind of "service", as a variety of weapons were added to it as well as a "Turbo Charge" incorporated into the engine.

His mission across the hazardous countries, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Thailand, South Africa, etc, will give the Customs Officer plenty of time to weigh up the odds.

"Should he have stayed at his desk?"
"Should he have followed his instincts on the train?"
"Should he have read the floppy disks?"

These negative thoughts were brushed aside with chilling excitement.

"Millions would die in the event of war."

He was ready, his mission was plotted out before him and his objectives made very clear. This was, after all, what he wanted. Tense inside, his stomach told him how dangerous this would be, but his head told him:

"Itís my job!!!"



1. Turn on the TV or monitor.

2. Make sure the games system/computer is turned OFF (check the ON/OFF switch on the right side of the console). There must be nothing on the TV or monitor.

3. With the label of the games cartridge facing you, insert the cartridge into the slot on the top of the console. Make sure it is not crooked and fits snugly in the slot.

4. Turn the games system ON.

Set up your computer system as detailed in your user manual. Ensure that all non essential peripherals - such as cartridges, printers, etc. are disconnected. Failure to do so may cause loading difficulties.

If you are using your Commodore C64/128 with the CASSETTE version of Turbo Charge connect your data cassette player and switch your computer and TV/Monitor on. C128 owners should now select C64 mode by typing GO64, pressing Return, then Y, then Return again.

Insert the Turbo Charge cassette into the data cassette player, ensuring that it is fully rewound.

Hold down the Shift and Run/Stop keys on the computer together. Then press the Play key on the data cassette player. The game should then load.

Refer to the multi-load instructions section of this handbook.

If you are using your Commodore C64/128 with the disk version of Turbo Charge connect your disk drive to your computer and switch the disk drive, computer and TV/Monitor on. C128 owners should now select C64 mode by typing G064, pressing Return, then Y, then Return again.

Insert the Turbo Charge disk into the disk drive, label side up. Now type LOAD"*",8,1 and hit Return. The game should then load. Refer to the multi-load instructions section below.


Turbo Charge is a multi-load game. Each level will be loaded as you complete the previous one. This means that to enjoy continuous play you MUST keep your Turbo Charge cassette in your data cassette player, or your Turbo Charge disk in your disk drive at all times during a session with the game. On screen prompts will appear when you complete a level, telling you what to do next.


Run/Stop - pause/unpause
Space Bar - Turbo thrust -

note: Turbo lasts approximately 4 seconds
Restore key - abort game????

JOYSTICK UP = Accelerate
DOWN = Brake
LEFT = Steer left
RIGHT = Steer right

Hand gun - Fire button
Missiles - hold fire button down until missile sight appears then release button to fire.


If you have problems, consult the user handbook that accompanied your computer or consult your software dealer for advice. In case of continued difficulty and if you have checked all your hardware for possible faults, may we suggest that you return the game to the place of purchase.

If you get stuck on a particular level and need some hints and tips, please contact System 3 at the telephone number listed below.

Customer Enquiries/Technical Support
Tel: (081 864 8212)

System 3 Software Ltd
18 Peterborough Road

Copyright © 1991, System 3 Software Ltd


It is a criminal offence to sell, hire. offer or expose for sale, or hire or otherwise distribute infringing (illegal) copies of this computer program and persons found doing so will be prosecuted.

Any information of piracy should be passed to The Federation Against Software Theft. 071-240-6756.


The game revolves around destroying as many vehicles as possible to score points, at the same time avoiding your enemyís gunfire, who are just as intent on destroying you. Use the "square shaped" GUNSIGHT above your car to line up and blast the opposition off the road.

The small sight represent the unlimited HAND-GUN fire, whilst the larger sight (activated when fire button is HELD down) represents the more lethal MISSILE FIRE. Please note that there are only 5 MISSILES per level to be used, as shown in the status area. The TURBO CHARGE can be activated by pressing the SPACE BAR and lasts approximately 4 seconds.

This can be very heavy on fuel, so keep your FUEL GAUGE continually topped up by running over the blue coloured PETROL CANS throughout the game. Donít be too hasty though, as other road objects may prove to be less rewarding if you run over them.

Finally your DAMAGE METER will represent the amount of enemy fire you have absorbed, so keep your eyes on this and the relevant bullet holes which appear on your windscreen. It could prove fatal. Watch the roads and take the correct forks, one wrong turn could be lethal!!