Copyright/Publisher: Tengen/Domark, Programmed By: Steven Collins, Music By:
Matt Furniss, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The Game:

Badlands puts you in the hot seat of a mega-fast sprint racing car. Speed round eight death-defying tracks in a race of danger and destruction where failure spells death and success the chance to race another day.

Badlands is a game for one, or two players simultaneously.

Getting Started:

It's now 50 years since the nuclear disaster and the sport of sprint racing has evolved into a ruthless battle between armed cars. Race tracks have been built on dangerous ruins, the aftermath of the holo- caust, in the zone known as the BADLANDS.

Your objective is to race round the eight different tracks as fast as possible, collecting wrenches (spanners) along the way in order to continue to the next round. Failing to finish first means disqualif- ication. Missiles can be found hidden around the tracks behind destructible scenery - in the Badlands even mountains will crumble if shot at.

Between the tracks, and assuming you have collected enough wrenches, you can customise your car with extra acceleration, shields and weapons. Bonus wrenches are awarded for finishing first and beating the fastest lap time.

BADLANDS features simultaneous two-player action, and a buy-in feature means that a friend can join in at any time. Each player is awarded two continue credits at the start - finish behind any of the drone cars and you will have to use a credit to continue.

BADLANDS has eight unique track layouts, each set in different animated backgrounds that react to player shots and crashes. These tracks shift and change as the level of difficulty increases.


In Badlands you have a choice of two control methods.

Left - Rotate car left
Right - Rotate car right
Down - Shoot weapon
Fire - Accelerate

Left - Rotate car left
Right - Rotate car right
Up - Accelerate
Down - Brake
Down - Brake

With JOYSTICK CONTROL A your car will slow down as soon as the FIRE button is released.

With JOYSTICK CONTROL B you car will continue to travel at the speed you have accelerated to, hence the need for a brake.

Player 1: Joystick or keys
Player 2: Joystick only
F1 - Select control style for Player 1
F3 - Select control style for Player 2
F5 - Select either Music or Sound FX
Q - Accelerate
O - Left
P - Right
Space - Fire
Run/Stop - Pause/Unpause
Inst/Del - Quit