BMX Freestyle
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Programming & Graphics By: John Ferrari, Original Concept: Peter Williamson, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Cycle Sports Number Of Players: 1 or 2

AMAZING FREESTYLE ACTION! Wheelie Racing, Tricks, Ramp Jumpin', Tricks Trackin', Slow Races - Mega Fun! Ride the half-pipe but don't go over the edge. Impress your pals with these brill BMX TRICK CHALLENGES!!!

2 player action, Ramp Jumps, Wheelies, half-pipe tricks, pipe jumps, freestyle competition - and they're all great - amazingly playable - David Darling

Compete in all these fantastic freestyle events and show that you're the best there is!

Wheelie trials... Ride down the track keeping your front wheel in the air - watch out for stones and oil slicks.

Ramp jumps... Fly off the ramp and leap over a line of your pals in this all action jump spectacular.

Half-pipe... A real RAD event - grab air as you do trick turns on the wickedly fast pipe!

Slow race... Slow down the rapid pace with this well tricky slow race - you need a spot-on sense of balance for this

Quarter pipe high jump... Get airborne in this absolutely brilliant high jump challenge.

Freestyle tricks... Pop wheelies, pull bunny-hops, wheelies against walls; reserves and more...

Wheelies... Use RIGHT to control your wheelie for as far as possible.

Ramp jump... Use LEFT PEDAL and RIGHT PEDAL alternatively to build up speed, and then KICK hard at the right moment to leap over your pals.

Half pipe... Execute as many turns as possible in the time allowed... use RIGHT when moving right and LEFT when moving left to build up speed, then KICK at the right moment to turn.

Slow Race... Keep your balance by pedalling gently LEF and RIGHT - but don't go too fast!

Quarter-pipe high jump... Hold down RIGHT to accelerate, KICK at the right moment to turn.

Freestyle tricks... we'll leave you to work this one out...

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When asked to enter your name, type TAEHC (CHEAT backwards if you were wondering) and you will always qualify.