Copyright/Publisher: Domark/Tengen, Programming By: Chris West, Graphics By: Tony West,
Music By: Teque, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

It is the year 2072. The world has changed in many ways. But one thing is still the same: the citizens of the future still enjoy sports. In the city stadium, the Universal Champions are preparing to defend their title. This is the game that separates the Cyberbots from the Droids.

Press Fire to exit the title screen. In a one-player game, or two players on the same team, the Coach Selection screen appears.

Use the joystick to select a coach, then press Fire. Some coaches are tougher to beat than others.

Select a team by moving the joystick until the team you want is selected, then press the Fire button. The teams run onto the playing field amid fan hysteria.

Just like ancient football, Cyberball begins with a kickoff. When the game starts, both teams are in kickoff formation. In a one- player game, the Lynx team will kick off and you will receive. The kickoff is always automatic. In a multi-player game, one or two people will play for each team, depending on the number of players. Each player controls a key player. Key players are silver on the screen. In a two-player game, one calls offensive plays, the other defensive setups.

When the receiving team gets the ball, the silver player recieves the ball. If you are the receiving team, use the joystick to move the runner downfield.

If your team kicked off, move your key player toward the receiver. A player is tackled when a Cyberbot from the opposing team touches it.

In Tournament Cyberball, you call the plays. If you are on offense, you can select from a variety of run, option and pass plays.

On defense, choose whether to defend short, medium or long. To choose a play category, move the joystick in the direction of that category, then press Fire. You may also call a time out to stop the clock by selecting the Time Out option from the Play Category screen. Each play category contains several plays. Scroll through the selections by moving right or left.

Choose your offensive or defensive play, then press fire. If you do not make a choice before time runs out, the computer will use the current selection.

The players line up at the lin of scrimmage. Defensive players can select which man they want to control before the ball is hiked by pressing fire. The second offensive player may also choose his man. The play starts, and the coaches use their joysticks to move the key players.

On passing plays, wait for the receivers to get close to the target grids marked on the fiels. A receiver will run to a white target and stop. Try to time your pass so it gets there just as he reaches the target location.

On some plays, you can press fire to pitch to the halfback, who can then throw a pass.

A human-controlled receiver can run anywhere he wants, but it's a good idea for him to get to a target location as soon as possible. Move the joystick up, right or left as you press fire to aim at the corresponding target location. Make sure there are no defenders near the receiver or the quarterback when you pass or it might be intercepted!

If the defense intercepts a pass, they take over where they caught the ball.

There are two ways to score. If you cross the goal line, you score a touchdown. Touchdowns are worth six points. The offense then has a chance to make an extra point with one more play.

The defense can score a safty by sacking an offensive player behind the goal line. A safety is worth two points. Also, the defensive team gets the ball.

There are no downs in Cyberball. Instead, the atomic cyberball gets hot as time passes. If the ball gets too hot before you cross the DEFUSE line on the field, it explodes! The stages of the ball are: cool, warm, hot, and critical. Once the ball gets "critical, " you only have one play before it explodes! Once past midfield, you must get a touchdown before it explodes.

As a team scores, it earns money. Use this money to purchase more powerful Cyberbots. When a cyberbot is available for purchase, it appears on the Play Selection screen. If you want to buy the Cyberbot, press fire. If not scroll through the plays in the usual way. If you save your money, even better Cyberbots may become available.

Play continues for six periods. Each period lasts five minutes. At the end of a period, the scoreboard appears as the teams take a break.

When the game ends, the team with the most points earns the right to call itself the Champion of the Universe.