Final Blow
Copyright/Publisher: STORM/The Sales Curve, Graphics by; Shaun McClure, Coding: "Krusha Kev" Mcintosh,
Music/Sound FX: Martin Walker, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

No more punch bags or sparring partners-those gruelling training sessions are over and it's time to step into the ring and come face to face with a mean opponent ready to inflict serious damage.

You punch, duck, dive and weave, fight offensive or defensive in a bid for fame and fortune. Can you make it as Champion above 9 contenders in this bruising 1 or 2 player game, or will you end up dunped on the canvas and put right back in the gutter?

Remember destroy or be destroyed - it's all in your hands.

Only a 200lb mass of angry muscle stands between you and that title you've been training for all your life. Limbering up in the other corner, and ready to inflict some serious damage, could be any one of 10 boxers. You punch, duck and weave, with the referee waiting like a vulture to see you floored.

Will you wear the championship belt or will they be shovelling your remains back in a cardboard box?

First of all you can adjust the game to your own requirements, your options are:

MINUTES PER ROUND: 1, 3, 5 or 9
NO OF ROUNDS PER MATCH: 1, 3, 5 or 0
ORDER OF OPPONENTS: random or Fixed 1 to 9
NO OF PLAYERS: 1 player or 2 players

When playing you must select one boxer from the 10 available. All boxers have a rating from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst to 10 being the best, the boxers names and their ratings are:

Dynamite Joe - 1
Kim Nang - 2
King Jason - 3
Fernando Gomez - 4
Detroit Kid - 5
Krusha Kev - 6
Cool Shaun - 7
Killer Ken - 8
Kid Steve - 9
Demon Dave - 10

When you select your boxers his rating is wiped clean and it's up to you to make him the worlds best.

In spectator mode the computer will play against itself, here you can just sit back and watch the action.

Get used to the controls and practice against the best in the world in preperation for your attempt at the title.

Select your boxer and try yo bash your way through the 9 opponents who stand between you and the World Championship Title.

League play takes place over 9 weeks with 9 matches in each week. You will take part in one per week. Every week boxers will gain points for winning, losing or drawing matches. Points are awarded as follows:

Win: 3 points, Draw: 1 point each, Lose: O points

The winner is the player who has the most points at the end of the 9 week period.

(All moves based on player facing right, reverse left to right if player facing left)

Without Fire Button Pressed
[LEFT] - Move Left
[LEFT + UP] - Lean Back
[UP] - Guard Up
[RIGHT] - Move Right
[DOWN] - Guard Down
[DOWN + LEFT] - Duck

With Fire Button Pressed
[UP] - Long Punch Outside (high)
[RIGHT + UP] - Jab Outside
[DOWN + LEFT] - Long Punch Outside
[DOWN] - Upper Cut