International Hockey
Copyright/Publisher: Advantage/Artworx/Superior Quality Software, Created By: Ken Grant, Speech By:
Electronic Speech Systems, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


International Hockey is the sequel to the smash hit Slapshot. The incredible realism of this game is chacterized by SPEECH, crowd noise, an organist, superb graphics and animation, bodychecks, fighting, puck passing and great game action.

Hear the fans scream and cheer as you race for the blueline with one man back. But now the defenders have honed their defensive skills bringing the frustration of good defensive hockey into your game. But watch out for silly penalties.

Repeated bodychecks against one opponent may well result in the gloves coming off and there is no guarantee you will win the fight. Combatants beware! Fighting penalties are dealt with by penalty shots given to each team.

The realism of this game is characterized by speech and other sound effects (C-64 only), superb graphics and animation, bodychecks, fighting, puck passing and great game action.

So challenge your friends, family and the computer to a penalty shot shoot-out or a duel at center ice. See who has the stamina to withstand the end to end action; whose defense can best keep those high scoring forwards in check and whose goalie can make the save of the game.

- 1 Player game with 3 levels of play.
- 2 Player game option.
- Digitized speech.
- Bodychecks, slapshots and penalties.
- Penalty shots-for 1 or 2 players.
- Press box perspective graphics.

Warning: Because of the highly competitive nature of the 2 player game, we must urge opponents to exercise restraint while playing. Frayed nerves and flaring tempers will only hinder your playing ability.


Type: LOAD "INTER*",8,1 (rtn)
Loading is now automatic. In the event of loading difficulties, try the following procedure.
1) Turn drive off, then on again.
2) Type: LOAD "*",8,1 (rtn)


Selecting this option (by pressing the fire button) will present you with another choice of three levels of computer competition. After your selections have been made you will be asked to enter our name. Play will begin when you press the return key.


After selecting this option each opponent is asked to enter their name. Play will begin when the return key is pressed for player two.

ONE ON ONE (1 Player) or (2 Player).

This is the Penalty shot version of the game where you play against the computer or another player. You will again be prompted for your name(s) before play will begin.


The joystick in port #2 is the joystick that controls game selections.
Player number one controls the joystick plugged into port #2!!!

When the one or two player game is selected, player number one controls the black players while player number two or the computer controls the red players. You control the dark colour player on each team. Other players will chase the puck if it is nearby.

If they can reach the puck, control is switched to that player. When you pass to your teamates you assume control of that player. If you go off screen, your control will be switched to the next available team player on screen.

The puck CANNOT be picked up while you are holding down the fire button. Shooting or passing the puck is done by using the fire button. The longer the button is held down, the higher and farther the puck will travel.

The goalie is controlled simultaneously with your defenceman. For the goalie to stop the puck, position him and do one of the following:

a) press the fire button and push the joystick UP to make a save on a shot that is OFF the ice.

b) press the fire button and push the joystick DOWN to make a save on a shot that is ON the ice surface.

c) press the fire button and push the joystick LEFT or RIGHT. This will usually allow you to make a save on either type of shot. No one is perfect!

You MUST attempt a save on a shot in order to stop the puck. If you do not, the puck will score EVEN IF YOU ARE IN FRONT OF THE PUCK WHEN IT ENTERS THE GOAL.

Bodychecks are delivered as follows: while pressing the fire button, stand over your opponent and then release the button. The longer the fire button is depressed, the harder the check. Penalties result in a face-off in the offending players end, giving your opponent a scoring opportunity. Fighting penalties result in a penalty shot being awarded to EACH team. A face-off at centre ice follows all penalty shots.

Note the effect of the following keys:
Run/Stop: game pause and restart

While in the pause mode:
Fl = fast action
F3 = medium
F5 = slow
F8 = reset to selection screen


Player one, whose name appears on the left of the screen, starts as the goalie. When ready, press the fire button. This will start a 10 second countdown that is noted in the lower left corner of the screen.

If the timer counts down to zero and there has not been a shot, play is ended and positions are reversed. The shooter controls the height of the shot by the length of tine the fire button is depressed before being released. A very fast touch on the button is required to keep the puck on the ice.

As the puck is being moved from side to side, release the button when the puck position corresponds to the position on net you wish the shot to go. For example, if the puck was at the extreme left when you released the fire button, the shot would go towards a point just inside the left goal post.

As in the regular games, goalie movements are directed by both the fire button and the joystick. Move the goalie into position. While pressing the button, a low save can be made by pushing the joystick down-right or down-left; or side to side; or the save can be made high by up-left or up-right.

There are 5 confrontations in each penalty shot match.
Good Luck !!!!