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Released as Slapshot II by Superior Quality Soft. Rereleased as Ice Hockey by Prism Leisure Corp. in 1992.
Copyright/Publisher: Advantage/Artworx/Superior Quality Software, Created By: Ken Grant, Speech By:
Electronic Speech Systems, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
International Hockey is the sequel to the smash hit Slapshot. The incredible realism of this game is chacterized by SPEECH, crowd noise, an organist, superb graphics and animation, bodychecks, fighting, puck passing and great game action.
Hear the fans scream and cheer as you race for the blueline with one man back. But now the defenders have honed their defensive skills bringing the frustration of good defensive hockey into your game. But watch out for silly penalties.

Repeated bodychecks against one opponent may well result in the gloves coming off and there is no guarantee you will win the fight. Combatants beware! Fighting penalties are dealt with by penalty shots given to each team.

The realism of this game is characterized by speech and other sound effects (C-64 only), superb graphics and animation, bodychecks, fighting, puck passing and great game action.

So challenge your friends, family and the computer to a penalty shot shoot-out or a duel at center ice. See who has the stamina to withstand the end to end action; whose defense can best keep those high scoring forwards in check and whose goalie can make the save of the game.

- 1 Player game with 3 levels of play.
- 2 Player game option.
- Digitized speech.
- Bodychecks, slapshots and penalties.
- Penalty shots-for 1 or 2 players.
- Press box perspective graphics.

Warning: Because of the highly competitive nature of the 2 player game, we must urge opponents to exercise restraint while playing. Frayed nerves and flaring tempers will only hinder your playing ability.