International Hockey
Copyright/Publisher: Prism Leisure Group PLC/Superior Quality Software, Created By: Ken Grant, Speech By:
Electronic Speech Systems, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Ice Hockey, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


International Hockey : Hear the fans scream and cheers as you race for the goal line in this superb simulation. The realism of speech and other sound effects, great graphics and animation, bodychecks, fighting, puck passing and excellent game action combine to make this bold sports challenge of the ice.


Cassette - Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP together.
Disk - Type LOAD"*",8,1 then RETURN.


The game is controlled by joystick, the player currently controlled moves in the direction of the joystick. Pressing the fire button will "power-up" for a shot, releasing it fires the shot.


You control the darker coloured players on each team. Other players chase the puck if it is nearby. If they reach the puck, control is switched to that player. When you pass to a team-mate you assume control of that player. If you go off screen your control will be switched to the next available team member on screen. The puck cannot be picked up whilst the fire button is depressed.
Shooting or passing the puck is done by using the fire button. The longer the fire button is held down, the higher and further the puck will travel.


Player 1 starts as the goalie. When ready, press the fire button: you will now have 10 seconds in which to make your shot. The shooter controls the height of the shot by the length of time that the fire button is pressed.

Release the fire button when the puck position corresponds to the position in the net at which your are aiming. The goalies movements are controlled as in the normal game. There are five confrontations in each penalty shot match.


Bodychecks are delivered by pressing and releasing the fire button whilst standing over your opponent. The longer the button is held down, the harder the check and the greater the possibility of a roughing penalty.

Penalties result in a face-off in the offending players end. If both players are too aggressive when checking, a gloves off fight might occur. This will result in a fighting penalty against each team. A face-off at centre ice follows all penalty shots.


The goalie is controlled with your defence man. Saves are made as follows:
a) Fire + joystick up to save a shot which is off the ice.

b) Fire + joystick down to save a shot which is on the ice.

c) Fire + joystick left or right to save a shot at the side. You must attempt a save to stop the puck otherwise, it will score.


The RUN/STOP key will pause and resume the game.

Whilst in pause mode pressing f1, f2 or f3 will result in a fast, medium or slow game respectively. Pressing the f8 key will reset the game.