Italy 1990
Copyright/Publisher: US Gold, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Relive all the thrills of the World Cup with Italy 1990- Authentic game action, variable skill, speed, strength and aggression levels...T.V. style presentation and much, much more!

For either team, the player you have direct control over is highlighted as follows:
The colour of the player's shirt flashes between white and the team colour.

Control of the 'highlighted' player continues until either, movement stops, at which, the player of the same team who is closet to the ball becomes active.

The ball is able to move freely around the pitch when it is kicked but as soon as it is within a small distance of any player it will be automatically 'trapped'.
The ball is then moved to a position relative to the direction of the player.
Once a player has control of the ball, it will stay 'locked' to him until it is either kicked or taken from him by another player.

When your player is in possession of the ball he can kick it in the direction he is facing by holding down 'FIRE' and releasing it when required. The amount of time 'FIRE' is held down, combined with the player's strength determines the speed of the ball when it is kicked. There is a maximum amount of time that the button can be held down before the ball is kicked automatically.

You may also 'chip' the ball by reversing the direction of your player immediately after kicking it.

N.B. More powerful kicks will cause the ball to travel above the ground automatically.

When the ball is close to your player, but still in the air, you can 'head' the ball by pressing and releasing 'FIRE'. However, holding down 'FIRE' has no effect on the speed of the ball.

There are two ways that your player can tackle:

Normal Tackle
If your player's attempting to tackle, facing the player in possession, he has a chance of taking the ball according to the relative skill factors of the players. If your player is behind, however, he cannot tackle in this fashion.

Sliding Tackle
When your player is not in possession of the ball, pressing 'FIRE' will initiate a 'sliding tackle'. This causes your player to 'slide' in the direction he was facing, during which time he cannot be controlled. If your player comes close to the player in possession of the ball whilst he is sliding, he may or may not take the ball, according to the relative skill factors.

However, if your player 'slides in' from behind the other player, there is a chance a foul will occur.

If your goalie is under 'control' he moves in the same fashion as the other player. However, if the ball is not under the control of your team and the player closest to the ball is from the opposing side then 'FIRE' combined with the direction of the joystick causes the goalie to dive.

The various 'set pieces' (i.e. Kick Off, Throw In, Corner Kick, Goal Kick, Free Kick and Penalty) that occur during the game all behave in a similar fashion with regards to control of the player in possession of the ball. Namely, the direction and speed of the ball when it leaves the player. In all cases, play is suspended until 'FIRE' is pressed and released.

[RUN/STOP] - Toggles Hold/Pause Mode
[Q] - Quit Game