Kikstart 2
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic/Mr Chip, Written By: Shaun Southern, Graphics By: Andrew Morris,
Music By: Shaun Southern, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Motor Cycling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Experience yet more of the thrills and spills of dirt bike riding in this new improved all action simulation desgined for one or two players. Against the clock guide your rider over 24 different courses, keeping a careful lookout for the numerous hazards and obstactles which come your way.

These include:
Springboards - They will bounce you into the air, although you can prevent this from happening by holding down the fire button.

Steps and picnic tables - You will have to jump over these! Wooden ramps, sand, pipes, brick walls, screen walls and gates - Go slowly.

Tyres, hedges and barrels - Go quickly over these as it is dangerous to jump.

Spikes - Avoid these at all costs - you have been warned! Mud - Watch out for muddy patches as they will slow you down.

It is possible to enter any of the 24 different courses which are listed from A-X, and select five to play at one time. Should you fall off (and you will!), the computer will restart you in the next convenient position, in the meantime, the timer will count at twice the normal speed.

Joystick or Keyboard Player 1 Player 2 Joystick Keys Joystick Left - Brake O - Brake Left Right - Accelerate P - Accelerate Right Up - Wheelie Q - Wheelie Up Fire - Jump Space - Jump Fire Fire - Start Q - Turns of the music during the game

USe the cursor keys to choose and icon and press RETURN or FIRE to select it. From left to right, the icons are: Go, or start game; View high score table; Go to Editor; Option of one or two players; Enter player's name; Press the appropriate key to select the courses you wish to play.

When you enter the Editor option, you will be given a new list of icons, these are:

Go back to main screen; Save to Tape; Load from Tape; Redefine Keys; Select Controls.

Save to computer - This wil replace one of the courses with a course created using the Editor.

Edit - this allows you to create a new course or modify an existing one. Information - this lists the available obstacles and their corresponding letters.

Print - will print the selected object on the course.

1 and 2 scrolls through the screen.

9 and 0 inserts or deletes sections of the course one character at a time. New obstacles, for example hills, can be created by joining together existing objects and deleting the gaps.