Kikstart (C128-version)
Copyright/Publisher: Mastertronic/Mr Chip, Written By: Shaun Southern,
Music By: Shaun Southern, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Experience all the excitement of dirt bike riding in this real life simulation. Push your bike to its limits as you pull wheelies, jump over cars, buses, vans, slow right down to go up wooden ramps and over trick walls and open up the throttle to accelerate over hedges, barrels and tyres!

Test your skills as a biker on 27 courses. An all-action simulation for 2 players against each other or 1 player against the computer.

You will first have the option to train on specially designed training courses. If you do not choose these then you can press ENTER (on the numeric key pad) and select 1 of 3 sets of 8 courses - A, B or C.

Once you have loaded a new set of courses the training courses cannot be replayed. Use your skill to guide your rider through the hazards.

1. JUMPS - You must jump over cars, vans, water and buses, etc.

2. ROUGH GROUND - tyres, hedges, barrels, wooden ramps, sand pipes, trick walls, screen walls and gates - Go slowly!

3. SPIKES - don't land on these, jump over them.

4. SPRING BOARD - Hold down the fire button to prevent the bike from bouncing.

5. STEPS & PICNIC TABLES - Wheely up onto all these.

6. MYSTERY BOXES - Each box contains an unseen hazard. Avoid these hazards by wheelying, slowing down or speeding up.

Keyboard or Joystick(s)
Up (Key 1) - Wheelie
Left (Ctrl) - Decelerate
Right (Key 2) - Accelerate
Fire (Space) - Jump

For a 2 player game you may use either 1 joystick or the keyboatd and either 1 or 2 joysticks.

Set up your computer according to your computer manual. Insert disk into the disc drive. To load program press SHIFT and then RUN STOP, and program will automatically load and run.