MicroLeague Football - The Coach's Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: MicroLeague Sports, Designed & Developed By: P.S.Consulting,
Release Year: 1990, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 0 to 2

You get the players-20 pro football rosters featuring your real-life gridiron heroes- yesterday's legends..and other stars. You control the teams-both offense & defense and all the action, based on the actual season stats and performances from the real players and teams. You win or lose based on your coaching strategies.

This is no boring arcade-style game with imaginary players, requiring only a quick wrist and good handeye coordination. And board games aren't even in the same league.

MicroLeague is a thinking man's football-game for the football fan and stats buff. Before the game, you select the home and visiting teams. Make roster changes. Fin tune your game plan. Select your starting teams.

During the game, you call the plays & pick the pass patterns-dive off-tackle, sweep, run a draw play or end-around, pass in the flat or throw the bomb. You pick the defense-guard against the run, rush the passer, blitz, call a zone, man-to-man or goal-line.

But be careful what you call-the quarterback may read your coverage and beat you deep! Watch the weather, injuries, penalties, which could change your game plan.

Special features: Pop-Up Screens. Get quick, easy mid-game access to complete offensive & defensive stats. Substitution screens let you know who's available on your bench. Built-in Playbook. Quick-Play Option. Go head-to-head with the computer.

Defensive Strategies:
1/F1 - Goal Line
2/F2 - Rush Aggressivily
3/F3 - Guard Inside Run
4/F4 - Guard Outside Run
5/F5 - Short Zone

Key On:
1/F1 - Key H3
2/F2 - Key F3
3/F3 - Rush Punter

Blitzing/Double Teaming:
1/F1 - Blitz ORLB
2/F2 - Blitz IRLB
3/F3 - Blitz ILLB
4/F4 - Blitz OLLB
5/F5 - Double Team SE
6/F6 - Double Team TE
7/F7 - Double Team FL
8/F8 - Double Team FL2

S - Display or change starting lineups
Z - Display backs
X - Display QB's
C - Display Receivers
V - Display Kickers
N - Display Offensive Linemen
M - Display Defensive Linemen And Linebreakers
, - Display Defensive Backs
B - Display Botscore
O - Two-Minute Drill
L - Toggle for Four-Man line for defensive team
R - Restart the game
T - Toggle text on/off
W - Time out visitors
* - Time out home
RUN/STOP - Finish/Play game in quick play mode.