Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Alternative Software, Produced By: M.C. Lothlorien, Programming By:
Mike Manion, Graphics By: Martin Holland, Music By: Paul Tonge,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

You have control of a mountain bike and your objective is to race over a series of hazardous obstacles with the intention of finishing with the fastest time. Your opponent can either be a friend or the computer.

Skillful use of the gears will help you over the mountains and speed over the ramps. You must also get off and carry your bike over certain obstacles e.g. potholes and wooden logs.

Hit SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together.

1 or 2 players must race over a series of obstacles with the objective of finishing first or finishing with the fastest time, (the fastest time being the winner). If a 1 player game is selected, then the top biker is computer controlled, and you control the bottom biker.

Obstacles found in the game are:
Logs - these must be walked over.
Holes - these also must be walked over.
Rocks - either avoided by steering or by walking over them.
Swamp - slows you down.
Ramps - if you are riding, they will make you jump.
Mountains - you can ride up these but they will slow you down, if you stop on a mountain side you will have to lower your gears (minimum 2nd).

When the title page come sup, use a joystick in the nearest port to control arrow. Press fire to select Icon.

Icons from left to right are: Weather conditions, course editor, Start the game and 1 or 2 players.

Bike handling controls are:
Without fire button pressed:
UP - Move biker upwards.
DOWN - Move biker downwards.
LEFT - Slow biker down.
RIGHT - Speed biker up.

With fire button pressed:
If you press fire while there are no joystick movements, and your bike is not moving, the man will switch between walking and riding.

LEFT & FIRE - Decrease gears.
RIGHT & FIRE - Increase gears.

When you are walking, you must make him walk by waggling the joystick LEFT-RIGHT, LEFT-RIGHT quickly. You can still move up and down as usual.

At the of map on first leg the leading player will dit on the bench. After arrival of second player the player will receive the message to Press ENTER to restart. The game will then turn around and the map will retrack to the start/finish line.