Copyright/Publisher: Firebird, Programmed By: Geoff Crammond,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1


REVS - the only motor racing simulation on the Commodore 64, and now REVS+ - much more than a sequel, it's an essential upgrade. It's even better now, with Computer Aided Steering, full joystick compatibility, new demanding courses and a host of other features, all serving to make your 64 the ultimate driving machine.


C-key+Left Arrow = Return to Pits
CTRL = Gears Down
Q = Gears Up
A = Brake
C-key+4 = Volume Down
C-key+5 = Volume Up
C-key+7 = Retire From Race/Lap
T = Starter
C-key = Sensitivity Switch
C-key+C = Computer Aided Steering S = Throttle
SPACE = Amplifies Steering Motion
: = Steer Left
; = Steer Right
C-key+Del = Restart Game
RETURN = Freeze Geme
CRSR UP = Unfreeze Game
F1 = Select All Keyboard Control
F3 = Select Keyboard Control With Steering Paddle Also
F5 = Select Switched Joystick Control With Steering Paddle
F7 = Select Analogue Joystick Control

NOTE: When using a paddle or analogue joystick for steering, you can select either:
- A linear response (shift/lock down) responds most like a real steering wheel or a non-linear response (shift/lock up). Which makes it less sensitive when driving straight.

Wing Settings: It is suggested that to get going you adapt wing settings of 40 rear and 32 front.

To start engine hold down T whilst in neutral until engine starts.

UP = Accelerate
DOWN = Brakes
LEFT = Turn Left
RIGHT = Turn Right

Joystick Forward + Fire = Gear Up One
Joystick Back + Fire = Gear Down One