Super Sprint
Copyright/Publisher: Electric Dreams, Produced By: Software Studios, Programming: Catalyst Coders,
Graphics: Mark Jones, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Just another racing game? No this is THE racing game. Licensed to Electric Dreams from the top-selling Atari coin-op, SUPERSPRINT lets one or two players compete head-to-head with a bird's eye view over eight gruelling tracks.

There's plenty of challenge for your driving skills, with ramps to jump, opening and closing gates, hidden short cuts, over- and underpasses, and banked turns.

There are random obstacles to avoid, and golden spanners to collect from the track which can be traded for custom car features to enhance your vehicle's peformance.

Select one-or-two player mode by pointing the steering wheel at the left or right car and pressing the fire button.

If you have selected two player mode you will then be asked to selecet the type of race. You may race against each other in a "one-on-one" event, or you may have third competitor controlled by the computer.

The display changes to show all the possible racing circuits: the current selection will be flashing and the central arrow will point to it. Use the "steer left" and "steer right" controls to change to required track layout. To start the race on the selected circuit, push the "accelerate" control.

The game may only be controlled using joystick. If the one-player option is selected, the joystick should be in Port 2.

Each race consists of a minimum of four laps. However, if players beat the "drone" cars, the race continues on a new track, picked at random from the available circuits.

The race is started by a waving, white flag. Steer your vehicle using the left and right controls, and control its speed with the accelerator. (Brakes are not provided!)

Hitting the circuit barriers at low speeds only causes a delay, but on a high-speed impact your car explodes, and a replacement is delivered, slung beneath a helicopter.

On some tracks there are underpasses where you will be steering "blind". Other circuits feature gates which open and close, allowing brief access to short cuts. Ramps enable you to leap over obstacles.

Random objects will appear on the track from time to time, to be collected or avoided. These are as follows:

Golden Spanner: Collect three of these in one race to earn one custom car bonus at the end of the race.

Bonus Score Pad: This contains a number which is added to the score of the driver passing over it.

Oil Slicks: These cause the car to spin out of control.

Water Slicks: These cause the car to slow down.

Tornado: The high wind blows the car off course and into a spin.

At the end of the race, the winner´s circle is displayed with the rank, score and best lap times for the first three cars past the chequered flag. Press the space bar to move to the high score table. If your car has won a place on the table, you will be prompted to enter your initials. Use "left" and "right" to select the letters, "accelerate" to enter the initial. You may enter up to three intials.

Should any car collect three or more golden spanners during a race, the driver will be able to choose a custom car feature from the bonus screen. For features are available, as follows:

Super traction (five levels)
Hihger top speed (five levels)
Turbo acceleration (five levels)
Increased scoring (one level)

Players choose the feature they require in the same way as tracks are selected at the start of the game: use left and right to highlight the required option, then press accelerate to add the feature.