Uchi Mata
Copyright/Publisher: Martech, Programmed by: Andy Walker and Paul Hodgson, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Introduction by Brian Jacks

Judo is an ancient and subtle Japanese art of unarmed combat. It allows for both attack and defence. In its higher form it is a ritual combat between two opponents on a mat, but in the world outside the Judo hall - it is a perfect preparation for survival. An exponent of Judo who is attacked, even by an armed and physically stronger opponent, can use his superior knowledge, skill and ability to overcome the aggressor.

Essentially Judo is the art of gripping and/or throwing your opponent. Punches, kicks, etc are not allowed. In Judo you look for an opening to exploit. For example your opponents weight can be used to your advantage if you can catch him off balance. Using Judo it is possible to throw a far heavier and stronger opponent. Needless to say, a strong and skilful exponent to Judo can take on the world. Hardwork, dedication and courage are essential if you are to master all the combat techniques. Remember, the more you sweat in training, the less you'll sweat on the mat.

Brian Jacks, 7th Dan

High Score Table

You will have an opportunity to enter your name if your score is good enough. Move the joystick left or right to choose letters.

Getting Started

Learn to get grip on your opponent:-

Get into Practice Mode. (Player 2 never tights back). Walk towards your opponent. Stab the fire button. If you're in range, you'll get best grip. The earlier you can get a grip the stronger grip rating you'll be awarded. A

n example throw - TOMOE-NAGE. This is a sacrificial throw, which means that you throw yourself onto the mat and use that transfer of weight to carry your opponent over the top. You fall backwards and down to the mat - so that's what you do with the joystick to perform this throw. Press fire (to show you are attacking) and keep it pressed while you move the joystick backwards (right) then down-like in this diagram.

(a) Left facing Tomoe-Nage.

From 12 o clock clockwise: (U - Up, RU - Right Up, R - Right, RD - Right Down, D - Down, LD - Left Down, L - Left, LU - Left Up and C - Centre)

C - R - RD - D

Do it all in one continuous movement. Naturally if you are facing right, backwards means left - like in this diagram

(b) Right facing Tomoe-Nage

C - L - LD - D

Remember - an attacking move must be initiated whilst your ATTACK INDICATOR is on the screen. The Attack indicator is a red or white coloured box which appears nest to the clock.

As well as TOMOE NAGE, there are also:

O SOTO GARI - D - LD - L - C; D - RD - R - C

UCHI MATA - R - RU - U - LU - L - R; L - LD - D - RD - R - L

DE ASHI BARAI - D - RD - R - RU - U; D - LD - L - LU - U

There are more moves within the machine, you may find them by accident or by hard work in the practice hall. Remember the referee will take a dim view of illegal moves. Now go take on the world.

General Information and Terms used in the Game

TORI - the attacking player regardless of red or white;
UKE - the defending player
GRADES - In Judo people are graded from white belt, a novice, up to 10th Dan.
In the game UCHI-MATA, you will start as a WHITE BELT and work your way upwards.

Brian Jacks is an elite 7th Dan. He is the youngest person in the world ever to achieve this status whilst still participating in international competitive Judo.

IPPON - this is the winning perfect throw worth 10 points.
WAZA-ARI - a near perfect throw worth 7 points. Two WAZA-ARI throws equal one IPPON.
YUKO - a good throw worth 5 points.
KOKA - only a small advantage gained. Worth 3 points.
KEIKOKU CHUI SHIDO - Varying degrees of illegal moves leading to penalty points against the offender or even HANSOKU MAKE - disqualification.


TOMOE-NAGE - sacrificial stomach throw
0 SOTO GARI - major outer reaping
DE ASHI BARAI - advancing ankle sweep
UCHI MATA - inner thigh throw

(There are more throws in the game for you to discover)

Joystick controls:- A Judo throw is a combination of moves and actions performed to construct an attack. You will need to learn these sequences to throw your opponent.

Grip:- Before you can attack an opponent you need to take a grip on his jacket (JUDOGI). To score big points you need go grip (better than his). As you approach your opponent, stab fire button and if you're in range, you'll get first grip (best).

Attack:- To attack, press FIRE, and keep it pressed while moving the joystick through your chosen attack sequence successful your opponent will fly through the air and land flat on his back (you win). For a perfect attack the referee award you 10 points (Ippon) and your opponent goes home.

You meet the next contestant. The referee will award less the 10 points if your opponent does not land flat on his back (Maybe you needed better grip or more strength or maybe twisted out of your attack).

Defence:- There are two main defences against being thrown and losing:

1. Defend against the attack very quickly (before your feet leave the ground) by pulling back or leaning forward (joystick right or left depending on the way you a fighting). If you choose the correct defence for the attempted attack and do so quickly enough, you may block the throw.

2. If you are being thrown, try twisting the joystick. You may twist out of the attack and land on your feet so your opponent scores nothing. A successful defence requires speed and strength, therefore, it becomes more difficult as your stamina decreases.


These instructions are merely a guide to the game. As you play the game, and if you practice hard, you will discover many useful techniques to outwit your opponent. There is much you to learn and discover. GOOD LUCK.