Winter Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Thunder Mountain/Tynesoft, Programmed by: Ian Davison, Chris Murray & Brian Jobling,
Graphics By: Mike Owens, Music: Wally Beben, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 6

Bring home the excitement of world-class competition as you go for the gold in five challenging winter sports. Hear the snow crucnh under your skis as you shuss Downhill and zig-zag through the Giant Slalom. Careen around curves in the Bobsled race. Go for a bulls-eye in the Biathlon. Feel the exhilaration of a perfect Ski Jump landing. To be the best takes skill and determination - test your mettle as you strive for top honors in Winter Challenge.

* Exciting action in five winter events: Ski Jump, Downhill, Bobsled, Giant Slalom, and Biathlon.

* Realistic graphics and animation.

* On-screen clock keeps track of time as the seconds tick away.

* One to six players can go for the gold.

Game Options
Entering Player Names
1 After the titlet screen appears, click the fire button to proceed.

2. Enter the number of players, 1 to 6, and press RETURN.

3. Type in the NAME of the first player (you must use letters). Then press RETURN.

4. A screen will appear with flags from different countries. Choose the country you would like to represent by moving the joystick over the flag and pressing the fire button.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each player.

Selecting the Events
After all the player names have been entered, a screen will appear listing all of the events. The Commodore version begins with the Ski Jump.

Ski Jump - Fly down the ski jump where you are judged for style as well as distance

Downhill - Try for the fastest time as you maneuver your way downhill through a forest of trees and fallen logs.

Slalom - Wind your way through an obstacle course of flags as you rush to get the fastest time with the least number of penalties.

Biathlon - Test your cross-country skiing and marksmanship abilities in this course challenging course.

Bobsled - Race at speeds of up to 60 m.p.h. through an icy, treacherous filled with hairpin curves and high banks.

You can select to play or miss an event by pressing Y or N as they flash next to the name of the event. If you would like to change the events you have chosen, type N by 'Start Play'. When you are ready to start the game, type Y by 'Start Play'. When the title screen appears, press the fire button; the first event will then begin to load.

The five events, briefly described above, are all controlled using the joystick and fire button. Your score will be displayed on the scoreboard after each run in an event. At the end of an event, the scoreboard will display any medals you have won. After you have completed an event, you are given the opportunity to retry that event or move on to the next one.

Any medals you have won in an event will be lost if you choose to retry that event. Move the joystick to the left or right to select Retry or Next Event, then press the fire button, (Note for Commodore Users: After completing the Downhill event, push the joystick UP to continue.) The total number of medals won will be displayed at the end of the last event.

Ski Jump and Downhill are on the first side of the disk. Slalom, Biathlon and Bobsled are on the other side. So before you play these events, you will be prompted to flip the disk over and press the fire button to load the next event.

Ski Jump (3 HEATS)

To start your jump, press the fire button. As you approach the end of the jump, press fire button to send the skier into the air. While in the air, try to balance the skis by moving the joystick to the left, right, up or down. To land the skier safely, push the joystick to the left just as he touches down, Points are awarded for distance and style. Keep your skis together and level to earn the most points for style. After you have completed this event, press fire button to continue.

Downhill (1 Heat)
To start your descent, press the fire button.Push the joystick UP to accelerate, pull Down to slow down. Use the joystick to move your skier to the left and right. To jump over logs, press the fire button just as you approach the fallen logs. You can get a 'skier's-eye' view of the course by looking at the goggles on the lower right of the screen. Use this feature when it is hard to see what is in front of the skier.

Biathlon (1 Heat)
Start the event by pressing the fire button. To move the skier forward, move the joystick left and right, developing an even rhythm. The skier will move slowly at first but will build up speed as he progresses. On reaching the Firing Range, you have five bullets for the five targets.

The gun's sights bob up and down, press the fire button when the sights are over the target. There are three Firing Ranges to complete before the end of the race. Points are awarded for speed and accuracy, and there is a penalty for each target missed.

Slalom (3 Heats)

Press the fire button to start your race downhill. Control the skier by moving the joystick to the left or right to make him weave through the gates.

The Yellow flags are on the skier's right and the Brown flags are on his left.

If you miss a flag, go around one the wrong way or run into one, you will be penalized. Press the fire button to make the skier go straight and push his poles for more speed. This will provide that extra push needed to take him over the finish line.

Bob Sled (3 Heats)
Start the run by pressing the fire button.

Steer the bobsled through the course by moving the joystick to the left and right. The best place to be positoned on curves is on the rim of the channel. Watch your speed! To slow down, press the fire button; your speed automatically will increase when the fire button is released. The picture of the course at the lower left of the screen will help guide you through the course.