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Grand Stand
Copyright/Publisher: Domark, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Various, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Continental Circus
Prove to the racing world that you have the guts and determination to become a Formula One Driver. Take the challenge of the CONTINENTAL CIRCUS, consisting of eight races in eight different countries. YOU MUST NOT FAIL!
Gazza's Super Soccer
Superfast action gameplay featuring real teams from the Football Leagues. Each team defined with the correct strips. Create your own superleagues, cup competitions and build your strongest squad.
Pro Tennis Tour
Pro Tennis Tour lets you enter the world of a professional tennis player. Pack your favorite whites and trusty racket and then travel to the great Grandslam events: Wimbledon, French Open, U.S. Open and the Australian Open.
World Class Leaderboard
World Class is a game of concentration, skill and control. You will need to judge distance accurately in choosing your club and power of your swing. Please read this completely to maximise your playing enjoyment.

Continental Circus

Copyright/Publisher: Virgin
Mastertronic/The Sales Curve/Taito

Programmed By:
Pete Hickinson & Bill Gaunt

Graphics By: Mark Edwards
Release Year: 1989
Number Of Players: 1

Continental CircusContinental Circus

Gazza Super Soccer aka Anders Limpar Footboll

Copyright/Publisher: Empire
Release Year: 1989
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Gazza Super SoccerGazza Super Soccer

Pro Tennis Tour aka Great Courts

Copyright/Publisher: UBI Soft
Original Design: Blue Byte, Conversion By: ESP, Programmed By: Mike Brown, Graphics By: Steven Day Music By: Tony Williams
Release Year: 1989, Number Of Players: 1

Pro Tennis TourPro Tennis Tour

World Class Leaderboard
Courses A-D: Cypress Creek, Doral Country Club, St Andrews & Gauntlet Country Club

Access Software Inc.

Created By: Bruce & Roger Carver
Release Year: 1987
Number Of Players: 1 to 4

World Class LeaderboardWorld Class Leaderboard