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Copyright/Publisher: Accolade/Sydney Development Corp./US Gold, Coding By: Dave Thomson, Anita
Acheson, Ken Shimizu & Tris Orendorff, Graphics By: Reg Beatty & Grant Campbell, Sound By: Paul Butler,
Designed By: Rick Banks & Michael Bate, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
It's gut check time! Are you a man or a wimp? This is your chance to prove your manhood and the ability to defend yourself. No other sports simulation game can match the pure human emotion of Fight Night. From the opening bell to the final knock-down, Fight Night will continually provoke your basic instincts to survive as you experience an unconfined frenzy to fight back.

Fight Night offers two different boxing forums. Each will challenge and at the same time develop your true fighting capabilities to the Max!

First, The Championship Finals. This is no place for all brawn and no brain. If you can't think on your feet, don't even bother picking up the joystick, because you, the challenger, are about to face five of the most fearless, brutal fighters ever to step inside the ring. Five battles that turn into total war. The action will be relentless, incredible, but in the end, it's all very simple, you'll either have the necessary talent, strength and stamina- or you'll be flat on your back.

Finally, the ultimate challenge, The Boxing Construction Set. The competition will be grueling as you and your opponent each have created the perfect boxer, speed, stamina, intellect, footwork, body puncher, quick jab artist...etc. Next, it's time to train, spar and finally fight him. Against the computer or against the world. Either way, you'll discover Fight Night is a bonafide Knockout!

You coulda bin a contenda.

The championship finals, where you find out what you're truly made of, are devastating. Here, everything you have, all your God-given talent, is pitted against five guys who would just as soon bite your nose off as look at you.

They all have different personalities, different strengths, different tactics. It's one-on-one for three punishing rounds, no holds barred, and no matter how fast and talented you are, they just keep coming right at you, lightning fast, each tougher than the one before.

Carefully choose all the right parts of your boxer, you're about to create a fighter with skills to match those of the world's greatest boxers.

The competition: six boxers who would just as soon bite your nose off as look at you.

DipStick, just another one of the street-smart fighters who will do anything and everything necessary to win. Total joystick control for one or two players.

The Main Event!
Strap on your boxing gloves, and step into the ring. Tonight you're going to test your prowess against the world's toughest fighters. To prepare for this event, you'll train in punching skills, footwork, timing, and sparring. Then you'll enter your fighters in championship matches and tournaments.

As the tension mounts in the smoke-filled arena, you eye your contender warily. Be careful, and good luck. This could be your big night!

Fight Night Events
Fight night is a multi-event sports simulations. You have your pick of any one of the four events listed on the selection screen: Boxing, Training, Sparring Match, and Tournament.

In Boxing, you'll fight against a series of eleven contenders, each one more powerful than the last.

In Training, you'll use the controller to train these powerhouses in punching, footwork, and timing.

In Sparring Match, your fighters will practice what they've learned in training in a match against the computer.

In Tournament, you and a friend can take up your best boxers to fight each other's stars in round robin order. This is a player vs. player event.

In each event, the controller operates the same way. To select options or contenders, move the joystick right or left, or up or down to highlight your choice. Then press the fire button to make a selection.