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| Challengers | World Cup Year 90 Compilation | Anco Software Ltd | Football/Soccer |
Copyright/Publisher: Anco Software Ltd, Created by: John Mitchell,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 to 8
Blistering pace pixel perfect passing superb tactical play.

A soccer simulator which is not only accurate and realistic but is also great fun to play.

Whatever your style of play may be, be it playying the Long Ball or playing the Sweeper, your players will be in position to receive the passes, control the midfield and tackle an advancing striker.

Each player on the field is an individual with a unique combination of four attributes - Pace, Accuracy, Stamina and Aggression. Watch out for the Brazilians at the International level, they are dynamite.

* Full size multi-directional scrolling pitch.

* Option to practice and learn ball control, take corners and practice penalties.

* 5 skill levels, International to Sunday League. The levels of both teams set separately. The ultimate challenge is the defeat of the star studded team of Internationals by the Sunday League of no hopers. A super human test of skill and concentration.

* One or two players option. * 4 distinct tactics.

* League competition for 1 to 8 players. Load and Save League facilities.

* Simple controls to dribble, shoot, pass, chip or head the ball or do a sliding tackle.p> * Amazing ball simulation takes account of the ground and air friction. Direction changing breeze at the higher skill levels.

* 9 types of Corner kicks, Penalties, Yellow and Red Cards and a host of other features like players getting tired by the end of the game, time wasting, injury time, etc.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 37%
An inferior 64 footy game.

KICK OFF is a football game played in an actual stadium, scaled to the size of your screen. The teams play according to strategy (4-3-3, 5-3-2, 4-2-4...) that you determine at the beginning of the game.

The players must move in front of the ball to intercept and control it. The ball moves as in an actual match, varying with the style of the player who controls it; to score will depend more on your ability than by chance. Controlling the ball is thus very important.

To do this, you must intensely practice attacks, dribbles, goal kicks, rakings, and the multiple ways of performing a corner kick. You can, very quickly, achieve a level close to perfection.

Each player has four qualities: precision, agression, physical condition and speed. Speed and precision are therefore more advanced with a professional football player than a player on the "sunday" level.

While passing the different levels, you will learn to adapt yourself to the style of the teams and the quality of the players. The possiblity of changing the game level of each team makes the game more involving: if you like a challenge, give yourself a "youth" team to play an international team.

You can play in League Competition comprised of eight teams. They all have the same capacities, but a different game style. The Competition lasts fourteen weeks, and you will have the possibility of saving it.

You can play alone or with a friend against the computer. At any rate, a referee will punish your behaviour and don't protest uselessly if one of your players gets himself expelled from the field: you can count on the referee to take the side of the computer. In case of foul-play, you know the consequences! Yellow card: warning, red card: expulsion.

To know who is doing what, the scanner will give you an aerial view of the game, as well as the positions and movements of all the players.