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| Psycho's Soccer | Soccer Stars | Anco Software Ltd | Enigma Variations | Kick Off | Football/Soccer |
Copyright/Publisher: Enigma Variations/Anco Software Ltd, Program by: Finlay Munro,
Music by: System 6581, Graphics by: David Bland, Release Year: 1990,
Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 to 8
Kick Off 2 like real soccer, requires skills in ball control for passing, dribbling or shooting etc. Accuracy in shooting, the ability to swerve or bend the ball need a lot of skill.

The practice option allows you to practice the ball, skills without being harassed by the opposition. Take your time and practice the skills to perfection. If two players are to team up. it is an ideal opportunity to practice ONE - TWO up and down the pitch.

Zzap64! Overall Rating: 77%
An impressive and worthwhile conversion.

Each player on the pitch has a unique combination of attributes and skills suitable for the skill level at which the game is being played. An international is superior to 4th div. player in all departments.

A host of playing options are provided. One of the most useful one is the provision to set the skill levels of both teams independently. A novice with INT. squad can give a professional with 4th division squad a run for his money.

There is a league and a cup tournament with sudden death penalty shoot outs in case of a draw. The teams in the league are on the whole evenly matched but with different styles of play and the player skills to match that style.