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Soccer Stars
Copyright/Publisher: Empire Software, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Football/Soccer
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Emlyn Hughes INTERNATIONAL Soccer offers realistic arcde action and football management combined into one great game! The wide range of facilities and control options have between designed in such a way that you can sit down and play without hours spent studying the manual, and getting to grips with the controls.

Kick Off 2
Kick Off 2 like real soccer, requires skills in ball control for passing, dribbling or shooting etc. Accuracy in shooting, the ability to swerve or bend the ball need a lot of skill.

Gazza II
Play in a whole range of league, cup and practice matches or just practice penalties, free kicks and corners. The Country's most exciting computer game, endorsed by the country's most exciting player! 'Don't forget buy Gazza's Super Soccer. It's the No 1 Computer Game.'

Microprose Soccer
Microprose Soccer is one of the best (maybe it's the best!) Football-games to Commodore 64. Itīs not only one game.... it's two game in one: Microprose International Challenge (Outdoor) and Microprose Six-A-Side Challenge (Indoor)