Hints & Tips
Are you stucked in a game? Well, then this section is for you! You can find pure cheats or hints and tips here. To use a POKE/SYS-cheat you must reset the game you want to cheat on. And then type in POKE/SYS commando and then hit return.

The other things hear could just be a hint or tip to play a game. You could also find some Level passwords!

If you have a cheat, hint, tip & level password for a game, then please mail to Stadium 64!

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4th & Inches (Accolade)
• Remember to pace yourself. The faster you go, the more fuel you'll burn. And it's a long, long way to the finish line.

• You know those irksome obstacles you're always trying to avoid? Well, they do come in handy sometimes. Use them to jump over rivers and mud bogs.

• Big boulders do big damage to even the heaviest metal. So avoid them at all costs.

• CHECKPOINTS are great - if you can afford the time. So don't make repairs unless it's absolutely necessary. .

4th & Inches (Accolade)
- If a game ends in a tie, you will be ably to apply an unlimited number of 'sudden death' overtime quarters.

- From time to time, the Coaches' Screen will be displayed automatically and will contain information about the results of play just run.

- On occasion certain receives will act human and will not execute their pass routine to perfection. Remember, when going down the middle, sometimes these guys are intimidated by a defense player.

- In general longer passes have lower percentage of succes than short ones.

- If you select a pass play, you could always decide just to run by not pressing the [FIRE BUTTON]. However, if you select a run the [FIRE BUTTON] will not function and therefore you will not be able to 'call an audiable' and change to a pass play when the play starts.

- Once a play starts the quarterback will not be permitted to run up, down, or back out of the displayed field area until he first crossed the line of scrimmage.

720 Degrees - Skateboard (US Gold)
To Cheat: POKE 2169,234:POKE 2170,234:POKE 2171,234:POKE 16018,9:
POKE 16019,9: POKE 16020,9:POKE 16021,9: SYS 2097

ATV Simulator (Codemasters)
• Always keep your front wheel up as you climb over objects.
• Never land on your front wheel.
• Go slowly over ALL shart or steep objects.
• Jumping obejcts reduces your chance of crashing into them.

Ballistix - (Psygnosis Ltd, 1990)
Ballistix is a game of skill and like any sport requires practice before you can put yourself at the top of the high-score table. Start by selecting different play options to get a feel for their effects on gameplay. A good tactic for novice players is to fire from the arrow, set the ball speed near maximum, the ball life span at around 5, arrow power at 1, auto-repeat at 9, and the number of balls at maximum. Remember to keep an eye on your score as well as your opponent's goal. You can gain score bonuses during the game by various means, including collecting letters to spell the word RICOCHET. Watch out for them!

Bangkok Knights - Boxing (System 3)
Did you know (and not a lot of people know this), that this boxing game has a - well a sort of cheat mode. It doesn΄t give infinite lives or anything useful like that, oh no.

What it does though, is...Tell you what, try it and see for yourself. What you have to do is turn off the music and enter the code 9990. Now play the first few bars of Koyaanasqatsi using the numbers as notes, and voila! The 'cheat' is now active... Ah, yes, Koyaaanasqatsi: Try 6360 6360 7370 7370 6269 6269 8070 6030.

Barbarian - Fighting Sports (Palace)
Try and knock your opponent into a corner and kick him in the nether regions a few times - then he'll soon bite the dust. When you reach Drax he'll throw a few thunderbolts at you. Jump over the first one then roll into him. The Princess sits at your feet and it's all over. Another tip is to get a friend to press symbol shift or extended mode while you're fighting as this slows the whole thing down giving you a reasonable chance to knock hell out of your opponent.

Cheat mode: Hold down F,G,V,B and Space.
Invincibility: Press C at the opening screen. The screen will turn red to confirm correct code entry.

Barry McGuigan WC Boxing (Activision/Gamestar)
1. So far we've discovered two good "overall" strategies. You can try to win the fight by hurting your opponent to the point of knockout. Or you can throw lots of jabs and hooks (which aren't tiring) and try to win by points. This strategy requires that you have an excellent defence or you won't make it to the end of the fight.

2. Notice the way your opponents throw punches. Some fighters throw more when they're INSIDE. Some hit more when they are OUTSIDE. You should be able to use this pattern to your best advantage.

3. A good defensive strategy, if you are INSIDE and in COVERUP is to push FIRE. Your boxer will throw an uppercut and go right back to COVERUP.

4. Use the jab as a distance gauge. If you're sure the fighters are in range but aren't sure that they are INSIDE throw a jab. If if misses (and it wasn't blocked) you need to push FIRE because the boxers are definately INSIDE.

5. If you see your opponent has a lot of STAMINA you'll have to hit him with crosses and body shots to bring it down.

6. Remember, points are scored every time you hit the other boxer. Often, the boxer who punches more hits more; so he scores more points. But he may also miss more and even get knocked out, so be careful because a KNOCKOUT always wins over points.

Basket Playoff (Simulmondo)
You can take off the girls' (on the top of the screen) top and skirts with a simple click.

Beach Volley (Ocean Software 1991)
There are two ways of scoring:
A) By attacking when you have the ball.
B) By defending when the opposition have the ball.

Change your smash position as much as possible. The closer you are the second player and the lower the ball, the less time your adversary will have to block you. It is possible to smash a serve - keep trying!

During the length and direction of your serve as much as possible. Smashing a service is much faster so use it.

The block has to jump later than the player smashing the ball. If your opposition smashes the ball a long way from the net then you must anticipate the correct time to jump. During the first few levels the computer will not serve too far away from you.

The Big KO

BMX Freestyle Simulator (Codemasters)
When asked to enter your name, type TAEHC (CHEAT backwards if you were wondering) and you will always qualify.

BMX Kidz - Cycle Sports (Silverbird)
• Load the game and when the title screen appears type VIVALDI (nothing appears on screen). Now press a key from A-F to select the level you wish to play. Go, g-g-go...

• Collect cans of fizzy pop for energy. Collect bouncing wheels for sPOKE points. If you run out of either you'll come a cropper!

BMX Racers - Cycle Sports
Unlimited Lives: POKE 11617,138:POKE 11618,2:SYS 11770

BMX Simulator - Cycle Sports (Codemasters)
Unlimited Time: POKE 13937,0 : SYS4096
Starting Course: POKE 4503,0-6 : SYS4096

Press Accelerate the instant you are told to go - timing is vital, don't lose precious tenths of a second.

Race as though you are in a real BMX Championship. The burns help you turn, the rough ground slows you down. All the hills and different grade surfaces effect the rider as in real life.

The Boss aka Soccer Boss
Players move in and out of form - so keep an eye on their skill ratings. Take care in the transfer market - a player with a skill rating of 1 costs £10,000, but selling him will only earn you £7,500. If an injury crisis strikes, and you can't afford new players, you can play a goalkeeper out of position - but his skill level will plummet!

Buggy Boy (Elite)
Cheat: POKE 39945,96: POKE 20048,32: 2049,104: POKE 2050,13: SYS 2048

Bull's Eye (Macsen Software 1986)
• If you make a slight error in spelling, you will usually be given a second chance at answering.

• If an answer is a number, use the number keys - eg answer 5 rather than FIVE.

• All answers are single words, so type a person's surname when requested, unless that person is generally known by first name alone.

Championship Jet Ski Simulator (Codemasters)

Easy: Lakes
To complete a lap, steer your jet ski between the budy's in the correct order. A set number of laps must be completed within a given time to qualify for the next course. There are eight courses to complete to win.

Docks: Hard
To complete a lap, steer your jet ski between the budy's in the correct order. The first three jet skis to complete the set number of laps will advance to the next course. Championship consists of eight courses.

Cheap Skate (Silverbird)
Unlimited Time: POKE 6339,0
Unlinited Lives: POKE 7616,173
Restart: SYS 4096

Combat School - Multi Events (Ocean)
• Learn to pace yourself - if your power level shows you operating on full speed than it is pointless to exert more effort as this will make no difference to your performance.

• Try and collect as much time bonus as possible in the various stages as this will have an accumulative effect on successive events.

• There are many strategies for combat with the instructor, but one of the most effective is to jump towards him, strike quickly, and jump back again out of range.

• You do not have to be the victor in the arm wrestling contest to continue in Combat School - this is only a bonus event which will enable you to pick a time bonus for the third firing range, however this is very useful.

• If you do manage to progress to the mission stage bear in mind this is not against the clock and it may be prudent to wait in various areas for the right moment to strike.

Cosmic Causeway - Weird Sports (Gremlin)
To Cheat - POKE 14951,240:POKE 14952,0: SYS 2304

Crazy Cars
Faster car: Enter FAST at the high score screen.

Cricket Crazy
This game is written by C. A. Sharp. It is strictly deterministic, without random elements, so it is possible to give exact step by step solution. Solution

Daley Thompson's Decathlon - Athletics (Ocean)
Instead of waggling your joystick feverishly left and right until it breaks, you can hammer away in frustration on the keys CRTL and 2 until they break.

On the high jump, set the bar as high as possible and you can jump 'under' it to qualify.

Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (Ocean)
* The selection of the correct adidas trainers is vital for a good performance. Through trial and error you will discover which trainers suit which event.

* In the javelin, try to get throwing angle around 45 degrees for maximum distance.

* In the shot put and discus, perfect timing, a reasonble angle and getting as close as possible to the edge is essential for a good throw.

* In the 1500m, once you have built up your power to it's maximum, a smaller rate of "left" and "right" movement is needed to keep your speed up.

* Save your cans of lucozade for events requiring endurance and speed.

Days Of Thunder - Racing Sports (Mindscape)
• To qualify for the race, you must get the best possible time on an empty track. You may take a few laps to get the best time, which will be updated on the screen. Once you are happy with your grid position, press Q to finish your qualifying session.

• Learn to use the pitstop to your advantage - especially when it comes to the handling of your car and repairing damage received in collisions. Watch out for the red flashing light on the dashboard - that means damage is getting critical and your pitcrew strongly recommend you come in for repairs.

• Experiment with tyre settings to get the best traction on the different tracks .
• Keep revs down to prevent excessive engine wear.

• During the parade lap, make sure you keep your position in the pack - else you will be disqualified. If you don't touch the controls, then the computer will drive the car around the circuit for you.

Decathlon - Athletics (Activision)
You might try holding the joystick differently to see which way is the easiest for you to get speed and power.

In the long jump, shot put, javelin, and discus events, try to get a good first score, then really push yourself on the next two attempts. Since you already have a score, there is no chance of scoring zero points.

In the 1500-meter race, you do not need to run at top speed for the first 1300 meters. Pace yourself and only move the joystick or tap the keyboard as fast as necessary to keep yourself at the top speed allowed for that part of the race.

Drag Race Eliminator - Racing Sports
Some drivers will deliberately delay the staging his concentration. They will light only the prestage light and then wait for the other driver to stage his car completely. Since the starting lights will not begin until both cars staged, the last car to stage is in control of the tree.

Also becouse the engines must be at maximum rpm for a good launch, the first driver to stage. This process is called "Burning down your competition" and can be used to great advantage. All computer driven cars use this tactic. In order to become the fastest driver and win the most races, practice the following:

1.) Leave the starting line with the engine at maximum rpm.

2.) After leaving the starting line, never get off the throttle until the race is over.

3.) Shift gears at the highest possible rpm and as quickly as possible while maintaining full throttle.

4.) Improve your reaction time by practicing against the computer driven car. An excellent reaction time should be in the area from .400 to .450.

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Audiogenic)
• Be realistic when you fix the player skill levels, for example forwards will usually be faster runners than backs, but of course they won't be so good at defending. The three numbers shown under the table of skill levels give the number of skill points for each skill, and if you and your friends are picking squads you could decide to have a certain number of skill points to allocate to the players.

• Learn to master the simple skills before you attempt some of the more sophisticated moves.

• Remember that because of the angle from which you are looking down on the pitch it doesn't seem as wide as it really is.

F1 GP Circuits (Idea Software)
A - B - C - D
1 XCV5 SD5H G59K 8JD4
4 SN26 235H 6GTK MRIC
5 20K0 4EDF DYH6 E5TD
7 3FHY 4T5G H5RG E3E3
10 NTN0 ZZ39 TER5 AZR3
11 Z3Z9 TRE5 TNN0 3ZZ9
16 BUR7 GVR1 HDF5 DF53
19 NNT0 5HT4 FG5D DFG4
20 A133 Q321 8C39 PE70
21 D2A0 A1E0 DA20 GH7J
22 C389 83C9 31A3 6HVZ
24 FDG4 DFB5 FFG4 FG43
25 3RG6 56R4 FG43 ER43
26 RB64 ERF4 DF43 ER32
27 FNG7 FG53 ERG4 TR64
29 FG53 VBNM ER42 RTY5

Football Director (Cult Games)
• The best formation:
Goal Keeper - 6 to 9
Defense (combined total) 8
Midfield (combined total) 8
Attack (combined total) 8
Anything above, and a losing streak of epic proportions comes into effect.

• Buying players:
If there is more than one player on the transfer list, you can bid at the lowest price available for the players ability level, and work your way up by pressing Y, return after the first bid is rejected, instead of offering a huge lump sum that maybe over and above what you might have needed to pay.

• Retirement:
Do not pay attention to players ages, keep track of the number of seasons they play for you though, the game doesn;t do it for you. After 4 they can retire without warning, and the maximum compensation you can receive for an international and less is 50000 pounds.

• Other Teams Formation:
Although its interesting to observe the other teams playing style and strength, checking it can decrease the likelihood of a win for your team quite dramatically.

• Shares:
Invest in shares. When you have savings of over 2,800,000, the game starts to whittle that healthy balance away by a series of crowddisturbances that cost anything up to 100,000 a game. Put your excesss money in shares. Keep a note of how many you have bought. The game doesn't do it for you.

Football Frenzy
This game is written by C. A. Sharp. It is strictly deterministic, without random elements, so it is possible to give exact step by step solution. Solution & Hints

Frank Bruno's Boxing
Name yourself AND and use following codes:
BOXER 2: MM710F49B
BOXER 3: B7X100L05
BOXER 5: CE9IN9817
BOXER 7: ML610N4B6

Grand Prix Simulator 2 - Formula 1 (Codemasters)
• Crashing your car damages it as well as slowing you down - you'll lose valuable seconds.

• Remember to use your brakes!

• Taking the right line into a corner gives you a much better chance of getting through it

• Race hard because you'll need to save up your bonus time for the later tracks

• You'll be given a percentage score when you get to the pits - this tells you how far thru the game you are.

Hard Drivin - Racing Sports (Domark)
• To be a real Hard Driver you must learn to make full use of the whole track. Brake for corners and obstacles at the last moment. In addition be constantly aware of oncoming traffic, and be prepared to drive on the grass if it looks like danger ahead. Don't be afraid to cut corners to improve your lap time and to beat the Phantom Photon!

• When you play the game for the first time select automatic transmission. This will allow you to get the all important feel of the game without having to worry about changing gears.

• The car will accelerate faster if your wheels are straight. Use the guage in the centre of the dashboard to check the position of your wheels. If the line is in the centre, then the wheels are straight. Remember this when going around corners since every time you turn the wheel the friction slows you down a little.

Hat Trick - Ice Hockey (Bally Sente/Capcom USA
• Don't forget your goalie! If your opponent nears your goal, move the joystick handle up or down so your goalie can block the puck.

• If you bump into your opponent, you'll bounce off each other. However, if your sticks get locked together, you can break the lock by moving past each other.

• Whenever you let go of the joystick, you'll automatically face the opposing goal. That way you won't accidentally push the puck into your goal and give your opponent a free point!

HKM Human Killing Machine - Fighting Sports
• Unlimited Lives: POKE 43912,44: Sys 51200

• Unlimited Energy: POKE 37049,03: Sys 51200

• Unlimited Against Bombs:
POKE 37000,168: POKE 37001,131: POKE 37005, 208: Sys 51200

Hyper Sports (Imagine 1985)
• 100 M Freestyle:
Reach the goal in identical times with the computer opponent to make some creature come up from the water giving you a cool 3000 points !
• Skeet Shooting:
Clearing a complete round of targets brings up a yellow bird, which you have to hit on the LEFT side. If you do so, another bird comes up. Hit him as often as you can for 1000 points/hit.
• Long Horse:
Do a normal jump with only 1 rotation and land right on your head. A spider then drops from the ceiling to give you 3000 points.
• Archery:
Hit all 8 arrows perfect, gives you 8 NICE calls. Some golden apples comes up swirling over the screen. For hitting the apples you get extra points.
• Triple Jump:
To make the bonus come up (a rocket that gives you 3000 points extra), you have to make a perfect jump, which means you have to hit the take-off board perfectly and get the angles 35, 41 and finally 45.
• Weight Lifting:
Make a good lift and the moment the weight crashes on the floor press the fire button to make some girls appear, giving you 1000 points.

International Karate - Fighting Sports (System 3)
Here are some chilly 'cheats' for you to try...hold down the keys A, D, Z and M for five seconds to change the backdrop. Hold down X then press a key from 1 to 4, now release the X key to change the speed of the game. 1=fastest, 4=slowest. Lastly, holding down S and E makes the fighters look at you.

Cheat Modes; POKE 3887,50 or POKE 3887,60 or POKE 3887,128 or POKE 3887,190

Restart: SYS 2112

International Karate + - Fighting Sports (System 3)
Holding down the *key changes the colour of the sun΄s reflection, while C, O and L alter the colour of the sky and sea. S in conjunction with E makes the fighters drop their kecks.

Jet Bike Simulator - Water Sports (Codemasters)
Unlimited time: POKE 22014,0: SYS 38912

Number of laps; X represents the player number (1 or 2) and Y represents the desired number of laps for that player.
POKE 25942,76
POKE 25943,32
POKE 25944,8
POKE 2080,32
POKE 2081,228
POKE 2082,101
POKE 2083,173
POKE 2084,103,
POKE 2085,90
POKE 2086,56
POKE 2087,233
POKE 2088,X
POKE 1089,144
POKE 1090, 3
POKE 2091,76
POKE 2092,89
POKE 2093,101
POKE 2094,173
POKE 2095,140
POKE 2096,90
POKE 2097,201
POKE 2098,Y
POKE 2099,208
POKE 2100,3
POKE 2101,76
POKE 2102,97
POKE 2103,101
POKE 2104,96
SYS 38912

Kings Of The Beach - Volleyball (Electronic Arts)
Level Passwords:
Level 2 - SIDEOUT, Level 3 - GEKKO,
Level 4 - TOPFLITE, Level 5 - SUNDEVIL

The Last V8 - Racing Sports (Mastertronic)
Unlimited lives: POKE 7149,173: POKE 7326,173: POKE 7858,173: SYS 3328

LeaderBoard - Golf (Access)
• Be sure to CHECK YOUR CLUB - Check to make sure the golf club you want to use is displayed. When you are making final direction adjustment, the golf club can sometimes change accidentally.

• Always go to the Driving Range before starting. This allows you to get the correct timing on your swing.

• Remember that the wind can make a substantial difference to your shot, especially short irons and your pitching wedge.

• Try to avoid hitting your ball onto the edge of the green far away from the hole. The greens are large with downhill and uphill braks and if you are too far from the hole, you may require 2 putts to get to the hole. Remember: You MUST use your putter on the green.

• Be extra careful in judging distance over water. If your ball falls short and lands in the water, it'll cost you a distance penalty.

• Learn to use the hook and slice. They can be used to your advantage on difficult shots and when the wind is in play.

Match Point - Tennis
Press the CTRL button when you're about to serve and you will ace the serve.

Metrocross - Weird Sports
Unlimited Time: POKE 13501,234: POKE 13502,234: SYS 4096 Starting Level: POKE 6038,0-24: SYS4096
Unlimited Time: POKE 13501,234: POKE 33803,234: SYS 15312

Motor Mania - Racing Sports
Cheat: POKE 8646,255: SYS 8000

Night Racer - Racing Sports (Mastertronic 1988)
Cheat: POKE 4979,0: SYS 2064

On-Field Football (Gamestar 1984)
The key to victroy in ON-FIELD FOOTBALL is proper execution, So before playing a real game, watch the DEMO mode to get a feel for the strategy and timing of the game.

On offense, be sure to mix up running and passing plays to keep your opponent guessing. When running, use the option laterals on the strong (tight end) side and weak side. On sweeps, run your QB wide, towards the sideline to give your halfback time to run up-field and block the nereast defender. And, don't forget you can send your tight end for a short pass from running formations.

When passing, read the defense by waching the free safety/cornerback pass coverage and pass where the defense isn't. Flood zones by sending both receivers long or short to catch your opponent off-guard; try sending your tight end long and your wide receiver short to confuse the free safety.

On defense, be sure to use all your rush and secondary options during the course of a game to take advantage of the strategies built-into ON-FIELD FOOTBALL. Be aggressive with your free safety - blitz on passing plays; hang back and anticipate your opponent's actions on running downs.

It'll take more than luck or a few trick plays to beat the computer teams, so develop a game plan. Use the various offensive players to take advantage of your particular abilities. Think about the scouting reports and how each player's strength and weakness affect your strategy. Remember, if you send your receivers out long every play they will tire quickly, especialy Legs. Finally, don't be surprised if th computer keeps coming back when you get ahead; 'floting intelligence' lets it vary its skill with yours without cheating.

We've created ON-FIELD FOOTBALL for rookies and pros alike to capture the essence of real football. So have fun with it and keep in touch...

Out Run (US Gold)
POKE 34711, 234: POKE 34712, 234: POKE 34713, 234:
POKE 34700, 234: POKE 34701, 234: POKE 34702, 234:
SYS 38045

Peter Shiltons's Handball Maradona (Grandslam)
Level Passwords:
Level B: 3464, Level C: 1438, Level D: 2468, Level E: 4831,
Level F: 6861, Level G: 7836, Level H: 8166, Level I: 5135

Pitstop II/Epyx 1984
Tire Wearout

Pro Boxing Simulator (Codemasters)
Level Passwords:

Pro Skateboard Simulator (Codemasters)
Unlimited time: POKE 3701,96: POKE 56576,103: SYS 28416
Cheat mode: POKE 3701,96: POKE 56576,103: POKE 56580,234: SYS 28416

Pro Ski Simulator (Codemasters)
Cheat mode: POKE 10479,0: SYS 16384

Professional BMX Simulator (Codemasters)
Disable timer: POKE 8687,96: SYS 4096

Always reach next track regardless of time:
Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC commands before running or restarting the program. POKE 4627,3: SYS 4096

Unlimited time:
POKE 8566,76: POKE 8567,192: POKE 8568,33: SYS 4096

Set number of laps for each player:
POKE 8566,76: POKE 8567,192: POKE 8568,33: POKE 8498,221: POKE 8499,121: POKE 8500,33: POKE 8569,X+48: POKE 8570,X+48: POKE 8571,X+48: POKE 8572,X+48: SYS 4096

Note: X represents the number of desired laps. Do not set the CPU player's laps to more than three.

Skateboard Joust
Unlimited Lives: POKE 12620,173: Sys 4096

Skate Crazy (Gremlin)
Part 1:
POKE: 53745, 234: POKE 53746,234: POKE 53747, 234: SYS 2064

Part 2:
POKE 11859, 234: POKE 11860,234: POKE 11861, 234: SYS 3158

Speedball - Weird Sports (Image Works)
Instant victory:
Press all function keys [F1-F8] during game play.

Speedball 2 - Weird Sports (Image Works)
On the "Imageworks" title screen, type BRADFORD-ON-AVON (including hyphens). A surreal sound effect will then be heard to confirm that the cheat is now active. From now on during the game, you can press [G] to instantly grab the ball, [T] to tackle your opponent, [F] to freeze the opposition, [+] to increase your score or [RUN/STOP] to automatically win the game.

Street Surfer (Mastertronic)
• For infinite health: POKE 3868,230: POKE 3869,67: POKE 3870,169
• For full speed on grass: POKE 3885,0
• For no collisions (invincibility):
POKE 4120,69: POKE 4327,217: POKE 4054,99: POKE 4336,208

When you've selected your changes,
start the action by entering: SYS 3072

Summer Games - Multi Events (Epyx)
If anybody is having problems setting a fast time on the 100m dash, here is an easy way of getting a time below ten seconds using a joystick with auto-fire. Just switch on the autofire, and let the joystick do the work!

Stunt Bike - Motorcycle Sports (Ocean)
Pressing key 3 will skip levels.

Summer Olympiad - Multi Events (Tynesoft)
The main tip here is DON'T PANIC! You should spend a few goes learning the sequence of skeets, so that you can predict where the next one is going to appear and position your reticle so that the skeet moves into it. Also, always remember that you have two shots.

The easiest way to beat the computer is to move up to the opposing swordsman then keep pressing up and fire, followed by a push to the right. The distance is crucial because if you're too close to your opponent you won't hit him, so watch his ripostes - if they seem to be going under your arm, move backwards a little.

Nothing to it, really - just don't waggle too fast as that's just as ineffective as going too slow. Take off as near to the line as possible at an angle close to 45 degrees and you should end up with a leap of around 19.5 metres.

Score over 70 points with ease by using the following joystick manoeuvres: right, left & fire, right & fire, left, right, up then down. If you want to make it a bit trickier and really impress the judges, push the joystick left instead of right for your first move.

This is all down to timing, basically, so don't waggle like mad. Just keep a moderately fast rhythm of running and jumping going until the end, then put on a spurt at the end to make sure you're in first place.

Super Cars - Racing Sports (Gremlin)
Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function. Start at Class 2: HARVEY
Start at Class 3: ELLA
Start with $500,000: LOADED
Flirt with the shop girl: FONDLE

Super Cycle - Motorcycle Sports (Epyx)
If you press Run/Stop and Restore at the same time when you play, the time will stop and you can drive your motorcycle to the goal so slow as you will!

Superstar Icehockey (Mindscape/SportTime)
Hey I remeber an easy way to trade for the best players in the game! All you do is set one of your players as a rookie, then trade him and offer no points! All you paid was the 250 trading fee and the player was accepted every time!

Test Drive - Accolade
You should drive on the following sides to avoid all cars:

Course 1: L, R, R, R, L, R, R
Course 2: L, L, R, R, R, L, L
Course 3: L, R, R, L, L, L, R, R
Course 4: R, L, L, R, L, R, L, R, R, R, V
Course 5: R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, L, R, R, R, L, R

Toobin - Water Sports (Tengen/Domark)
• Make full use of the two player option if you want to be king of the river! With a friend to help you the game becomes not only a competition to get to the and but also to see who makes the highest score.

• Try to hit the shoreside obstructions as soon as possible. By stunning them with your cola cans your passage down the river will be that little bit easier.

• Picking up a Beach Ball gives you extra speed enabling you to whizz around at high speed for a short while. Keep up your speed and gain extra points by steering through gates without hitting the sides. Be careful not to dawdle for too long, however, as a giant alligator will start chasing you! The only way to get him off your tail is to paddle through the gate.

• It's very important to shoot everything when you first start playing the game. The letters T, O, O, B, I and N will be released as you hit each object earning you massive points when the game is over. Try shooting innocent looking objects, such as bushes, as these often cover the bonus letters.

Track & Field (Konami 1984)
• 100 M:
Reach the finish line simultaneously with the computer runner and some kind of dwarf ??? appears to give you 1000 extra points.
• Javelin Throw:
Make a fair throw with some decent velocity and use the maximum angle to hit somekind of gremlin (a spider ?) for 1000 extra points.
• 110 M Hurdles:
Same as 100 M, if you reach the goal line with identical times you get 1000 bonus points.
• High Jump:
Clear 3 heights in a row with your final attempt to make a mole come up from the ground giving to another 1000 points!

Trailblazer - Weird Sports
Cheat mode: Press Z + X + C.

Alternate music: Press [Shift/Lock].

Unlimited time: POKE 29738,234:POKE 29739,234:SYS 25729

Unlimited jumps: POKE 30889,234:POKE 30890,234: POKE 30891,234:SYS 25729

Turbo Outrun - Racing Sports (US Gold/Sega)
Pause the game with RUN/STOP. Now you can jump to the next course by pressing ':', or if you have a non-standard keyboard, the button closest to the right of 'L'.

Up 'n' Down - Racing Sports (Sega)
Unlimited lives: POKE 39042,255: SYS 32768
Cheat mode: POKE 36103,173: SYS 32768

Winter Camp - Multi Events (Thalamus)
Level skip: Press [Run/Stop] to pause game play.
Then, type one of the following codes according to the current level to advance to the next level.


Yie Ar Kung Fu - Fighting Sports (Imagine)
Unlimited energy: POKE 47270,173: SYS 828
Invincibility: POKE 36445,173: SYS 828
No enemies: POKE 41603,208: SYS 828

Jump to the right (joystick top right) and apply repeated kicks to the head (fire button plus joystick up).

Jump to the right and apply repeated kicks to the head until she has been hit twice. Immediately jump up three times, then kick her in the head again until she is hit. Perfrom one more kick and jump twice. Repeat until she is on her back.

Jump to the right and apply fast leg sweeps until he falls. If he should escape, jump up, land on him and continue sweeping.

As above, but if he gets free, wait until he comes for you and drops his pole to shoulder height before you leg sweep again.

Jump to the right. Wait until he moves to your right before attacking him as outlined above.

As above.

Jump to the right (yawn!) and wait until she moves to your right. Use continuous roundhouse kicks until she falls.

Follow the Chain and Club method.

Ton Fun
Keep jumping left and right until you land on him, then apply continous leg sweeps to finish him off. If he gets free, start jumping again until you land on him, and carry on sweeping as before.

Jump to the right (bet that surprised you). As Blues jumps back to the right and is about to land, jump straight up. When you land, apply repeated leg sweeps. If he starts to hit you, pull the joystick diagonally down and away from him, then continue sweeping.

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