The Manual Archive is for you who don't know how to play the sportgames. You can also find other useful help and also more or less interrested information! If you have any manual to a C64-sportgame, then please contact [STADIUM 64]. You can transform the manual to a textformat or just scan it. If there's any pictures in the manuals you can also scan them!
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Some of the listed manuals are taken from the budget releases. And guess what? The budget releases are in most cases also a budget manual. In other words, shorter and with less information than the original release. STADIUM 64 is of course looking for the best manual of a game, so you are always welcome to send in a better manual than those.

0 - K
L - Z
1st Division Manager
3 Cushion Billiards
3D Pool
3D Stock Cars II
3D Waterski
4 Soccer Simulators
4th & Inches
4th & Inches Team Construction Disk
4x4 Off-Road Racing
5th Gear
6 Pin Bowling
10 Pin
10 Pin Bowling
10th Frame
100 Mile Race
720 Degrees (European version)
720 Degrees (US version)
911 Tiger Shark
1000 Miglia
A Question Of Sport
Abrasco Golf
Acro Jet
Action Biker
Action Service
Adidas Championship Tie Break
Advanced Swimming Simulator
Advanced Basketball Simulator
Allan Border's Cricket
Alternative World Games
America's Cup
American Express
American Football
American Icehockey
American Tag Team Wrestling
APB - All Points Bulletin
Aqua Racer
Arcade Baseball
Arena Football
Arnie Armchair's Howzat Cricket Game
Army Days
Artillery Practice
Attack Of The Phantom Karate Devils, The
ATV Simulator
Baby Monty
Bad Cat
Bangkok Knights
Barry McGuigan's WC Boxing
Baseball 64
Basket Playoff
Batter Up!
Beach Volley
Beach Buggy Simulator
Big Game Fishing
Biker Dave
Black Belt
Blades Of Steel
Blip! - Video Classics
Blood Is Cool
BloodŽn Guts
Blue Angels - Formation Flight Simulation
BMX Freestyle
BMX Kidz
BMX Ninja
BMX Racers
BMX Simulator
BMX Simulator II
Bob Winner
Bop'n Wrestle
Bouncy Cars
Bouncy Cars Revenge
Bowling (CBM)
Bowling (High Tech)
Bowling Champ
Boxer, The
Boxing Deluxe
Boxing Manager
Brands Delux
Brands Deluxe
Break Dance
Brian Cloughs Football Fortunes
Budokan - The Martial Spirit
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Buggy Boy
Bull's Eye (Domark)
Bull's Eye
Bully's Sporting Darts
Bump Set Spike
Bump'N Run
Burago Rally
By Fair Means Or Foul
C64 Golf
California Games
Cannonball Battle
Car Racer
Catapult Basketball
Caveman Ugh-Lympics
Caveman Ugh-Lympics - Ugh-Zaminer
CBM64 Golf
Challenge Golf
Chambers Of Shaolin
Champ, The
Champ BMX
Championship Baseball
Championship Boxing (Pan Books)
Championship Golf
Championship Golf (Cult Games)
Championship Jet Ski Simulator
Championship Sprint
Championship Wrestling
Chase HQ
Chase HQ II
Cheap Skate
Chevy Chase
Chicken Race
Chop N' Drop
Circus Attractions
Circus Games (Tynesoft)
Circus Games (Keypunch Software)
Cisco Heat
Classic Bat'n' Ball Tennis
Classic Trainer
Club Darts
Combat School
Commodore Sixty-Fore
Competition Karate
Computer Quarterback
Computer Quarterback - Playbook
Continental Circus
County Cricket
Cosmic Causeway
Cricket (Computer Gamer)
Cricket Captain
Cricket International
Crazy Cars
Crazy Cars 2
Crazy Cars III
Cricket Master
Cup Football
Daley Thompson's Decathlon
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
Daley Thompson's Super-Test
Dartmouth Basketball
Days Of Thunder
Death Race 64
Death Sword
Deidre's Raceway
Derby Day
Derby Dash
Division One
Doc The Destroyer
Dodge Cars
Double, The
Double Dribble
Double Sphere
Downhill Challenge
Drag Race
Drag Race Eliminator
Drag Racer
Driving Game, The
Duck Shoot (Ahoy!)
Duck-Shoot (Commodore)
Dune Buggy
DWF Bashermania
DWF Superheroes Of Wrestling
DWF Superheroes Of Wrestling II
DWF Superheroes Of Wrestling II
Dynamite Skier
Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
Elektra Glide
Emlyn Hughes International Soccer
Enduro Racer
Equestrian 64
Euro Boss
European II
European Five-A-Side
European Football Champ
European Games
Everest Ascent
Exploding Fist, The Way Of The
Exploding Fist +
F1 GP Circuits
FA Cup Football
Face Off (Compute!)
Fantastic Soccer
Fast Break
Fast Tracks
Ferrari Formula One - Manual
Ferrari F1-Driver's Reference Guide
Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun
Fight Night
Fighting Soccer
Final Assault
Final Blow
Fist II - The Legend Continues
Fist II - The Legend Continues
Fist Fighter
Five A-Side Soccer
Football (CBM)
Football Champions
Football Director
Football Director 2
Football Manager
Football Manager 2
Football Manager 2 Expansion Kit
Football Manager 3
Football Manager World Cup Edition
Footballer Of The Year
Footballer Of The Year 2
Footy Play
Formula 1k
Formula #1 Simulator
For Speed We Need
Frank Bruno's Boxing
Frog Race
Fun Play
Future Race
Galactic Games
Games: Winter Edition
Games: Summer Edition
Garfield Winter's Tail
Gary Lineker's Hot Shot
Gary Lineker's Super Skills
Gazza II
GBA Championship Basketball
Gee Bee Air Rally
Geoff Capes Strongman Challenge
GFL Championship Football
Giger Pool
Go For The Gold
Golf (Anger Productions)
Golf (Courbois Software)
Golf (Kerian UK Ltd)
Golf (Yes! Software)
Golf Master (Loadstar)
Golf Master
Golfer Arcade, The
Golf's Best
Go Racing with Peter O'Sullevan
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket
Grand Monster Slam
Grand Prix Circuit
Grand Prix Simulator
Grand Prix Simulator 2
Grand Slalom
Grand Slam Baseball
Great American Cross Country Road Race
Grid Iron
Grid Iron 2
Hard Drivin
Harvey Smith Showjumper
Hat Trick
Head On
HeatWave - Offshore Boat Racing
HKM - Human Killing Machine
Hercules - Slayer Of The Damnned
Hockey Mania
Hockey Quiz
Hole In One (Mastertronic)
Hole In One Golf
Horace Goes Skiing
Horse Race
Horse Race
Horse Race Game
Horse Racing (Compute!)
Horses (Andy Stadler)
Hot Rod
Hot Wheels
Hounded - Simplified Simulation
Hounded - More Complex Simulation
Hyper Biker
Hyper Bowl
Hyper Sports
Ian Botham's Test Match
Ice Tea
Indoor Sports
Indy Heat
International 3D Tennis
International Basketball
International Hockey
International Hockey (Prism Leisure)
International Karate
International Karate+ (IK+)
International Manager
International Rugby Simulator
International Soccer
International Speedway
International Sports Challenge
International Tennis
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Off-Road
Italy 1990
Italy'90 Soccer
Jack Charlton's Match Fishing
Jack Nicklaus Golf
Jahangir Khan's WC Squash
Jai Alai
Jet Bike Simulator
Jimmy's Soccer Manager
Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium
Jocky Wilson's Darts Challenge
John Lowe's Ultimate Darts
Jonah Barrington's Squash
Karamalz Cup
Karate Champ
Keith Van Eron's Pro Soccer
Kellogg's Tour 1988
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager
Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
Kentuckey Derby
Kick Off
Kick Off 2
Kikstart (C128-version)
Kikstart II
Kings Of The Beach - Professional Beach Volley
Knight Games
Kung Fu Masters
Lancaster Speedway
The Last V8
Leader Board
Leader Board - Executive Edition
Leader Board Tournament
League Challenge
League Soccer (Ashley)
Le Mans
Led Storm
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
Magic Johnson's Basketball
Manchester United - The Official Computer Game
Match, The
Matchday II
Match Point
Math Mileage
Mattel Classic Football
Mean Machine
Metro-Cross (US Gold)
Metro-Cross (Epyx/US Gold)
MicroLeague Baseball
MicroLeague Baseball II
MicroLeague Football
MicroLeague Wrestling
Microprose Soccer
Milk Race
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf (Viking Tech)
Mini Golf - Capcom
Mini Golf - Gold Disk
Mini Golf - Magic Bytes
Mini Putt
Minnesota Fat's Pool Challenge
MISL Soccer
MISL Soccer - Reference Booklet
Monday Night Football
Mondus Fight Palace
Motorbike Madness
Motocross Racer
Motorcycle 500
Motor Mania
Motor Massacre
Mountain Bike Racer
Multi-Player Soccer Manager
Nato Assault Course
Nick Faldo's Championship Golf
Nick Faldo Plays The Open
Night Driver
Night Racer
Nite Rider
Ninja Hamster
Ninja Master
Ninja Scooter Simulator
Oklahoma Kid
Olympic Skier
Olympic Spectacular
Olympic Task 800
Omni Play Basketball
Omni Play Basketball College Module
On Cue
One Day Cricket
On-Court Tennis
On-Field Football
One On One
One On One 2: Jordan Vs. Bird
On The Bench
Open Golfing at Royal St. Georges
Out Run - European Release
Out Run - US Release
OutRun Europa
Over The Net
Para Academy
Para Assault Course
Passing Shot
Penalty Soccer
Peter Beardsley's Internat.Football
Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona
PET Super Baseball
Pferde Bahn
Ping Pong
Ping The Pingo Pong Clone
Pit Fighter
Pitstop II
Play Golf
Plazma Ball
Pocket Rockets
Pole Position - (Datasoft Release)
Pole Position - (Atari Soft Release)
Pole Position II
Pool (Compute!)
Popeye 3
Powerplay Hockey
Premier II
Pro Boxing Simulator
Professional Skateboard Simulator
Professional Snooker Simulator
Professional Tennis Simulator
Pro Football (Carl Hennig)
Pro Golf (Atlantis)
Pro Golf (Home Computer Software)
Pro Golf (George Adams)
Pro Hockey
Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Pro Ski Simulator
Pro Tennis Tour
Pub Games
Putt Putt Golf
Race Against Time, The
Race Craze
Racing Destruction Set
Rack'em Up
Rad Ramp Racer
Raging Beast
Rally Cross Challenge
Rally Driver
RBI 2 Baseball
Richard Petty's Talladega
Ringside Karate
Ringside Seat
Road Blasters
Road Race
Road Raiders
Road Rally
Rock'n Wrestle
Rollan Football
Room Ten
Rough House 21
Row Boat
Row Regatta
Rugby Boss
Rugby The World Cup
Run For Gold
Run The Gauntlet
Running Man, The
Running Quiz
Samurai Trilogy
SCBA Boxing
Scottish League Football
Serve And Volley
SFI Street Wrestling
SFI Wrestling (Old)
SFI Wrestling (New)
SFI Wrestling 2 (V1.0A)
SFI Wrestling 2 (V1.0C)
Sgt Slaugters Mat Wars
Shanghai Karate
Shoot The Rapids
Show Jumping
Skate Crazy
Skate Or Die
Skate Rock
Ski (David Simmons)
Skiing 64
Ski Or Die
Ski Physics
Slalom ABC80
Slot Car Racer
Smash Out
Smash TV
Sno Cat
Snooker & Pool
Soccer Boss
Soccer Director
Soccer Double
Soccer Shoot-Out
Soccer Star
Soccer Supremo
Space Academy
Space Arena
Space Shootout
Spartacus - The Sword Slayer
Speedboat Race
Speed Duel
Speed King
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 2
Speedball 2
Sporting Triangles
Sport Of Kings
Sports Spectacular
Star League Baseball
Steve Davis Snooker
Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo
Stock Car
Street Fighter
Street Fighter II
Street Rod
Street Rod Ref.Card
Street Sports Basketball
Street Sports Soccer
Street Surfer
Striker Manager
Strip Darts
S.T.U.N. Runner
Stunt Bike
Stunt Bike Simulator
Stunt Car Racer
Stunt Rider
Summer Challenge
Summer Games
Summer Games 2
Summer Olympiad
Super Bike
Super Bowl
Super Bowl Sunday
Super Boxing
Super Cars
Super Cup Football
Super Cycle
Super Hang-On
Super League
Super League Soccer
Super Monaco GP
Super Scramble Simulator
Super Ski, (Eddie Edward's)
Super Soccer
Super Sports
Super Sprint
Superbike Challenge
Superstar Ice Hockey
Superstar Ping Pong
Superstar Ping Pong (MAD)
Superstar Soccer
Super Staring'99
Surf Champ
Surf City
Sword Master II
Tag Team Wrestling
Take Down
Target Shoot
Techno Cop
Ten Pin Bowling (Wicked Software)
Ten Pin Bowling (Elwood Computers)
Ten Speed
Test Drive
Test Drive 2: The Duel
Thai Boxing
Tony LaRussa's Ultimate Baseball
Top Fuel Eliminator
Touchdown Football
Tournament Tennis
Track & Field
Tracksuit Manager
Trans Atlantic Balloon Challenge
Trap Shoot
Treble Champions
Trevor Brooking's World Cup Glory
Turbo Charge
Turbo Kart Racer
Turbo Outrun
Turbo Speedway
TV Sports Football
Typing Derby
Uchi Mata
Up'n Down
Up Your Alley
Video Darts
Wacky Darts
Wacky Races
Way Of The Tiger
WCBA Boxing
Wec Le Mans
Wembley Greyhounds
Western Games
White Water
Winter Camp
Winter Challenge
Winter Games
Winter Olympiad
Winter Super Sports
World Champions
World Championship Boxing Manager
World Championship Soccer
World Championship Squash
World Class LeaderBoard
World Class Rugby
World Cricket
World Cup
World Cup (Cult Games)
World Cup Carnival
World Cup Cricket
World Cup Soccer Italia 1990
World Games
World Series Baseball
World Soccer
World Tour Golf
World's Greatest Baseball Game
World's Greatest Football Game
World's Greatest F.Game-Playbook
Wrestling Superstars
WWF European Rampage Tour
WWF Wrestlemania
Yie Ar Kung Fu
Yie Ar Kung Fu 2
Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity Race

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